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No Sellers willing to do COD anymore???
I rather not bother with COD.UPS took a long time sending the Money orders to me.You can specify like I did that you only want postal money orders or will not bother.I did COD once and it was a leap of faith.I put everything up front but UPS took ... 
Interconnects at modest cost?
If ZU was made by the KIMBER guys then I would agree.I wouldnt go overboard with inteconnects with your system,just get something decent like the KIMBER PBJ get them used,or if you want to go for a bit more loot,get CARDAS HEXLINK would go for abo... 
were should best cable go - CD or Preamp?
It's suggested to put the better cables on you source which is the CD.But your ears will be the final judge. 
Is there any such thing as a high end receiver?
Get a nice MAC 4100 or 4200 or 4275.Very good receivers and solid sound. 
Gold Face Olympic Power = Canada
About time after 50 years.CHEERS... 
Rap music on high-end speakers
Simply because KEVZIEK got off the track of the thread.TRU was asking for suggestions for his set up not about his taste in music.And I'm a 43 Y.O. Puerto Rican male too.KEVZIEKS opinion is like everyone elses.It's like rear ends everybody has one... 
Rap music on high-end speakers
Boy oh boy I thought this was a done thread until I saw the thread by that closed minded fool KEVZIEK.Music is my choice not yours,anyway if you dont like the rap,wear ear plugs because I know if you say something you might get your butt kicked.It... 
Average age of audiophiles
Started at 16,got a JVC reciever and Olson speakers and aTechnics TT.Only spent 30.00 for the speakers,at that time I was living at Moms and making 50.00 a week P/T and going to high school. now I,m 43,and I had a MAC 4100 reciever for over 15 yea... 
Mcintosh MC-352 or FPB 200 for B&W 802
I auditioned the n 802s with the MAC 352 and it was a very nice combination.Cheers. 
Sequerra monitor
I have both the 7s and 7.7 for my H.T.setup and they are wonderful sounding speakers.Nice sound for the size.Using the 7.7 in the front and the 7s in the rear.You might score a pair of 7s for about 250. to 350. and the 7.7s for about 400.00 a pair... 
Pre with phono and headphone 1000 used?
HMMMMM might be try the MELOS,hopefully you can score one under a grand,C.J is nice too but for less,not sure if it has headphone jack but just search for it.Good luck 
may i put an hdtv over a fireplace?
ARE you for real or just kidding.Never in my lifetime especially at the price they go for.Maybe your loaded I tell you what if you want to put it over the fireplace buy me one because I can see you buying a new one every year. 
CD Player to match with ARC and B&W 802 Martix
I have a LS-9 and D-130 setup and B&Ws 802 too I have a CALIFORNIA AUDIO LABS GENESIS CD player and it goes very well with the setup I have and I should go well with yours.Good Luck. 
McIntosh transistor tuners....any good ones?
78 is the bomb,great sound and seperation,owned one and miss it today,the 80 is the same beats except the digital readout and presets.Most of the rest are fairly good I would go for a 77 or if you want AM too a 75.Only beacuse the 78 and 80 tuners... 
An act of audio love
Why not it's an audiofiles addiction,beats using drugs and alcohol.Cheers.