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Your Opinion: Top 3 Vintage Receivers?
MAC 4100,Sansui 9090DB,MAC 4275,MAC 4300. 
Best looking / worst looking amps & preamps
I like the MACINTOSH gear,have taht timeless classic look.I second on the AUDIO RESEARCH,simple look and understated but elegant.For bodacious I would have to go for the PERRAUX,were they on crack when they made up that design or style.Looks like ... 
How many cd/dvd/sacd/cdr's players do you own?
I have 4 and 1 DVD..CAL Genisis,Sony ES CD Changer,JBL system,like an oversized table alarm clock and a portable Sony CD,cassette,AM/FM for the road,and I forgot a CD changer in the car too,a PIONEER with AM/FM cassette. 
Recommended CD of Cuban music
CACHAO...CACHAO...CACHAO...ARAGON not the amp or preamp... 
Beginner in Vinyl - How far should I go?
Go to Ebay and search AUDIOGON there are plenty of good TT and cartridges for 300 skins. 
Tube or SS Preamp with electrostatics & ML amp?
I would check out a Conrad Johnson PREMIER 3 goes well with SS amps and Martin Logans.Had that combination but with a THRESHOLD amp.Cheers. 
Which Martin Logan Speakers should I buy?
I would go for the ODDSSEYS,I used to have the SEQUELS.Great speakers. 
What's the best Preamp??
Conrad Johnson Premier 3 hands down with good ol stock Telefunkens or Mullards. 
Pass Labs or Audio Research Solid State Amplifiers
Pas with some heavy duty power would be out of your budget.I would have to differ with everyone else here.I have a Audio Research D-130 solid state amp and it has very good sound,I listen to music with heavy bass and highs,not heavy metal though.Y... 
cornfedboy, signing off
Gonna miss you dude it was fun but it's nice to have your legal expertise for audiogons use.Cheers,B.T.W. you can still look through the threads. 
Stereophile looses Jonathan Scull
I'm definitly not lamenting over the loss.This guy keeps or one would say permantly borrow all the equipment he reviews.If he was like Consumer Reports i would feel that he would be more objective,but when one of the big audio companies throws a b... 
Why has Audiogon suspended "Wanted" ads?
I agree with Charlie,why not charge 2.00 for 60 days or a 1.00 for 30 day listings.This would definitly weed out the riff-raff.Well Audiogon are you open to those suggestions? 
Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
I dont think B&W is mid-fi even though they make a wide variety of speakers in different price ranges.I dont really like the lower end speakers sound but i do like the 801s and 802s and the Natilus are even better sounding.Am I playing favorit... 
Tuner in New York City - how to improve signal
Sleuth will definitly help.I have a 7 foot tall indoor antenna.It helps as I'm on the ground floor facing the back of 6 story buildings.I get WBGO fairly good depending on the day and weather. cheers 
How long do you keep a component?
Had my C.A.L.Genisis for the lonest of all my gear.About 4 years,thats long has great sound.My interconnects by AUDIOQUEST DIAMONDS have beearound quite some time like 4 years for the first pair.My Amp and Preamp are both fairly new like 2 months,...