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Audio as a hobby
SEX,CYCLING,had a conalgo,campangolo components till I got hurt.Did about 200 miles a week,it can be insance riding along with crazy drivers.Photography,coin collecting,so off most of that though.still have my bike though but I sold the Conalgo.I ... 
What's so bad about Sovtek 6922s?
Price wise Sovteks are a bargain and youre the one who decides which tubes sound better.I feel that their KT-88 are good but folks rather go for the more pricey might want to try out the ELECTRO-HAROMINX tube too,they at the same price ra... 
Review: B & W Loudspeakers Matrix 802 s2 Speaker
I have the MATRIX 803 S 3 speakers,use with AUDIO RESEARCH D-130 power amp,LS-9 preamp,CAL GENESIS CD player,MR-80 by Mcintosh FM tuner,Audioquest Diamond Interconnects XLR between pre-power and CD,RCA to the tuner.I truly like this speaker a lot ... 
Which Audio Research Preamp?
Why would you want to upgrade to SP-9 it's a very fantastic sounding preamp with and excellet phono section. 
Review: Kimber PBJ Interconnect
I would agree,bang for the buck and a pretty revealing interconnect.I use them in my H.T.setup and 2nd stereo system.Can reveal harshness with certain types of music or CDs.All in all I like this interconnect. 
Downsizing advice
The cONRAD JOHNSON intergrated if youre into tubes.... 
Preamps w/ built in Tuners
Go for the vintage McIntosh.Starts with the MX-110 to the close to current MX-118 
Ever wonder why things are screwed up?
Is that why audio equipment is spaced at 19" for rack mounting??? Thats 1/2 a horses butt.Cheers. 
How to keep housemates from using your rig?
GET YOU OWN PLACE and that will solve the problem. 
martin logan/tubes
I had a pair of sequels powered by a CONRAD JOHNSON MV-75a power amp,also a Premier 3 preamp.Liquid sound,really miss that combination.Cant go wrong give it a try.Cheers 
Substitute for a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3 preamp
Stay with the PREMIER 3 and try to get a remote control adaptor like one from CREEK. 
Anybody know a company called Lectron?Swiss???
I've heard of them and seen one of their tube amps.Real nicely made and very nice sound,uses EL-34 tubes.The owner who have it now would never part with it. 
Opinions on McIntosh MR7083 Tuner
For the price of the 7083 you would be better of with the MR-78 or MR-80.Still it's a decent tuner. 
Opinions on McIntosh CD Players?
Pretty good and solid CD players but prone to glitches.I had the 7000 which was the first one and it worked and soundes good.I'm currently looking for another one to go with the rest of my MAC gear. 
What's your favorite album cover art ?