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Need a DAC Recommendation.
Toppings makes great products. There is a review by Amir that he reviewed the schiit DAC and found some flaws. He worked with the company and they made changes to improve their product. Facts are facts. Measurements are Measurements Enough said  
Radio Paradise to Stream MQA to Blue OS
I agree with you on that. The format does not guarantee a good recording,  it's the recording that makes 99% of the difference.  
New Topping D90SE DAC
Thanks to everyone for their comments and impressions. I'm still very happy with my D90SE. I have stopped spending money on upgrades,  at least for now. Mc452 took a few dollars out of the audio budget for sure. Just kicking back and finding more ... 
Rotel RA-1592 MK II or something else to deliver around 200W to B&W towers around $3000?
As an electrical engineer, when i buy used i always purchase well built products. Parasound and McIntosh are just a couple of well built products with quality components and good customer support. If you have an issue with your product it makes a ... 
Amp advise :)
I'm loving the sound and quality of my new second hand McIntosh Mc452. I've spent way too much time and money purchasing and then selling various amps over the years.While trying out various units was fun,  i found out that no one amplifier sounds... 
New Topping D90SE DAC
So have now spent a full month living with the new topping D90SE. It truly a step above all other DACS i have owned.  Zero noise, clear details and you can hear every detail of the voice and the decays of the instruments.Sounds great on jazz and o... 
New Topping D90SE DAC
Okay, Topping D90SE arrived at hooked up. Initial impressions.....Clear, Open, Detailed.Loving it so far.  
Need a DAC Recommendation.
I was just reading the asr of the new topping d90se and the gustard x26.Both measure great but the 3rd harmonic of the new topping is-130db and the gustard is-115.John Curl has studied this and finds that the odd order harmonics is really bad. No ... 
New Topping D90SE DAC
I did order the new D90SE and now recieved the FedEx shipping information. When I complete a review I will post my impressions. BTW i am listening thru B&W 803d3 and mc452 amplifier for the mid to upper frequencies.  
How many of you are digital only systems?
It's all about enjoying the music and discovering new things. Not about the technicalities of how you got there.  
How many of you are digital only systems?
Sold all my albums and TT a long time ago. Mostly listened to CD and radio  then moved to streaming and have no regrets. Convenient, inexpensive, ability to discover new music, gained shelf space. Sound quality is fantastic with a good service and... 
Novice Tidal Question…
Tidal only allows one stream at a time. If you stream with your blue node and then try to stream on your tidal app it will not let you. BTW get a external DAC on your Node2 and you will be amazed.  
I agree with your approach.  I had a plate amplifier die and then bypassed it and ran directly into the woofer from a amp connected to the sub out.Worked fine. Keep experimenting until you are either out of ideas or out of money. 😁I eventually bui... 
McIntosh MC2300 as a sub amp
It sounds great in stereo as well. I love McIntosh equipment. I used it for my main amp for years. Using a mc452 now.Many people snub this product but have never owned and spent time really living with them. Give them a chance  
CD or Streaming... am I missing out?
Tidal and other quality services kick ass on any CD player.No question about that!