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SimAudio Moon Series versus Accuphase
The reason I haven’t considered it is because I have an EMM Labs DA2V2 Dac and an Autender W20 that I like very much. The new Moon series Pre-amps are all in ones. Why pay for tech I don’t need. I still believe the 850p which remains in their line... 
PMC versus Wilson Audio
@addyson815. The distributer's in USA and Canada are listed on the PMC web site under where too buy? 
PMC versus Wilson Audio
@prof and @divertiti are you saying the new Finestria's are a huge step up from their MB2Se's or just a better looking version of the ugly MB2's. 
Small issue with one channel of my Krell Evolution Two Pre-amp! Any Simple suggestions???
Thanks getting back to me. I had changed the power cords to both the pre and power amps on Friday with custom cables. I took those out of the equation from the Pre-amps since the error message was coming from them without success. Decided to put t...