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Less listings
I had that Adcom ACE 515 for years.Didnt do a thing,YMMV 
Upgrade CJ PV11 or Acurus L10 or buy CJ Classic?
Buy the Classic,cheers,James 
Amp for driving revel salon 2
Perfect,look no farther,cheers,James 
Good CD player vs. Transport and DAC
Go to Bel Canto and choose.Can't be beat for the money,cheers,Bob 
JBL lovers
The L100,4311,4312 are what you want.Theres some around still in great shape,go for it,cheers,Bob 
Top or best amps for merlin vsm
Reading the posts here regarding Merlins are some good thoughts.The cat rapping about his Maggies must be lost but is a decent typist.Bobby usually says stay away from amps with high damping numbers.I've had some of the above and really like the B... 
Robin or Rodin Mod of an ARC SP3-A1???
Thanks for the tip Geek,your full of surprises and excellent advice.If I ever score an ARC product I'll be a knocking one day,Merry Christmas,James 
Is it too much to ask....
Agreed,this site was cool before but you knew it couldnt last but thats progress.Anytime something good gets going and the masses find out it naturally starts to decay.Witness the whiner who begs for a meaningless clue.As Groucho Marx would say...... 
How to remove McIntosh glass faceplate?
Yep,just ordered a glass FP from AC for 175$ for a C-32.All will be well even for a rookie,take care,Bob 
Do you leave the Jeff Rowland Amp on all the time
Turn on your nose,turn on your stereo and turn on your girlfriend.Not necessarily in that order.Do-gooders need not apply,cheers,Queen Victoria 
Help with computer...
Thanks alot you guys.I sure appreciate it,Bob 
What Is The Best And Cheapest Way To Clean Lp's?
We use to do it Elizabeths way for years and was quite happy with results.Good mention E,cheers,Bob 
Which processor/preamp....
Thanks for all your help guys.I have a Sharp 42 LCD about a year old but Im not sure I can plug in the active speakers and be done though I would like to.The audio outs are throwing me for some reason???I will do more investigating.Im not sure the... 
McIntosh C2300 Power Cord Recommendation
This has been as usual a redundant thread regarding PC's except for the fact it is very friendly and y'all deserve an A for the day for your efforts and humility,bravo,Bob 
Rogue 99 Super Magnum
How much in USD?