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Wyetech ruby mono block is it that good
Many people feel the same.Extremely well built,Bob 
Current amp vs Voltage amp
Ralph is what makes these forums hum.{In a good way!}Thanks again for the tips,cheers,Bob 
i hear sim audio amps are unreliable
Were dropping you for being unreliable and a lightweight at best.Plus your made in China which doesnt help your case.Begone,cheers,Bob 
iphone music
Welcome to the asylum,its all good if you know how to read between the lines,cheers,James 
Reissue of Threshold S350e?
Well said J stereo.......... 
krell kct, pass labs xp 10 or 2.5, spectral?
Your starting to talk to yourself.You have very nice stuff.I would change out the speakers for sure,YMMV,James 
Is Tom Evans Audio Design out of business?
I hope your situation resolves itself somehow.I would hope by now with what we all know of audio products on the internet that only extremely unsophisticated folks,and there are thousands,would know to deal with companies in the USA that have trac... 
AC Synchronous or DC Turntable Motors?
Elizabeth has been here a long time with accurate advice.Do not discount her observations,cheers,James 
Etiquite Regarding Response Times to Offers
Can't wait for new or old management of the business.Its so lame but only game in town,cheers,Bob 
Chris at computeraudiophile years ago had me use AIFF when I went to a computer based source,YMMV,Bob 
What kind of power cord comes with expensive gear
ARC has been using Sain PC's now for awhile.You can check out his website,excellent stuff,cheers,Bob 
One reason why audio is suffering: Connectivity
I absolutely agree,the geeks and dweebs that are 15-30 have no problem except for the girls that age.But all us cats over that age with 15 different hookups to learn?Im used to RCA'a and speaker wire.2 things thats all we needed.Fuking designers a... 
Less listings
After being charged here for their 2% fee for selling a preamp they dont put that in the total the buyer owes me.Even before Im paid the buggers want their fee and people wonder whats happening here.Chislers and moneygrubbers took over the place,c... 
Buyers Beware Avoid Shawser61 Possibly Fraud
The system is breaking down as the above poster notes.This isnt cool anymore with Big Brother involved.Wish some good guys would take over instead of these bean counters.... 
Atma-Sphere is tops,no contact with Cary however,cheers,Bob