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What new amp for my Merlins
Sovereign or Aaron would be my pick.Check out the website and trust in German engineering.I did and am in SS heaven,cheers,B 
Threshold Amp repair
Start building or have built a nice wooden crate.Leave 3-4 inches for the cut to fit foam,cheers,Bob......can that be considered an answer? 
Rating system insanity
Thanks E,cheers,Bob 
will pimaluna dialogue7 monos drive b&w matrix801
Definately not unless there in a closet.Terrible synergy there,must do something else,good luck,Bob 
What dealer/distributor has influenced you most?
Mark at Audio Perfection was the best and probably still is.If you find yourself in Mpls.St. Paul check him out. 
Value of B&W 801 S-2 Speakers
About 1800-2K ,cheers,Bob 
Clayton M300 or Mcintosh MC601
Mac has an edge in resale,Clayton has an edge in sound,win-win,cheers 
Why does Amps/Preamps forum have most threads?
Your a keeper too E.Must be because you have a special PS also...... 
Too much to drink.He'll do better next time.We've mostly all done silly things here,cheers,Bob 
Tom Evans The Vibe Feedback
My idea is the obvious one you already thought of and for some strange treason discarded..........cheers,Bob 
Musical Fidelity A 3.2 current market value???
Ditto.More than useless. 
Pre-amps with seperate power supplies .....
Usually a very slippery slope regarding resale,sounds better and any other reason you want to use to mod/change a factory item.My attempts on that merry-go-round is a 25% success ratio,good luck,Bob 
25.00 flat rate shipping
I would run system restore to 4-19-2005 or so,cheers,Bob 
Dim display California Audio Labs CD transport
Antelope Eclipse 384 AD/DAC and preamp
I can't.Maybe some research can .Best of luck,Bob