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Power Cable Break In - Such a Change!
Maybe after 150 hours you might just be hearing what you want to hear? It could be...  
I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable
Technics makes audiophile tables? Really? I had no idea. I have had a VPI HW MK IV for 37 years. It still works.  
Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
larry5729 03-29-2022 at 11:20am "Wait until the United States starts writing checks for $trillions to rebuild Ukraine. We will contribute 90% to rebuild Ukraine. We should send a bill to Russia. Perhaps tell Russia we will lift some of the sanct... 
Has the cost of HiFi gotten a bit too much?
I agree with just about everything that tsacremento @ 03-28-2022 at 04:12pm said. If I may add the following. I got into audio - we called them stereos back then - when I was 14 years old, in 1968. That was a very good year to get into audio, im... 
Subwoofer between speakers?
Sub placement is site-specific, the site being your room.    My sub is behind my chair, in the back of the room.   
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
Garbage in. Garbage out.  
Most beautiful turntable under $5k
I don’t really give a s- - - - what it looks like. I care about what it sounds like.   
Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
My approach to audio these days really helps me to stay out of these arguments. it’s simple: I like the way my audio sounds. Until I don’t. And then I fix it. And I have zero expectations of persuading anyone to like what I did to make it sound t... 
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
Dynaco MK VI tube monoblocks, 120 watt each. Unless you are up to doing a serious mod of them, stay away.      
your first system-
@zavato I have the PAs, and I have two Dyna Mark IIIs, and the Lafayette tuner. the rest is all gone.  
- Discreet Music - Three variations on a theme by Pachelbel by Brian Eno    
Detachable Head shell or Not?
I have a Sumiko MMT arm with 4 detachable headshells: two for Koetsus, one for a Benz, and one for a Grado for 78s.  
your first system-
1968. My first. - Stanton cartridge - Garard table and arm - Dyna PAS (I built) - Dyna Stereo 70 (I built) - Lafayette speakers - Lafayette tuner - Lafayette lamp wire, cables  
The hunt is over
sns : Excepting for a new room in 2018, my system is essentially unchanged since 1985, and my system approach is unchanged since 1968. See the about page. theaudioatticvinylsundays.com