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amp/pre amp utilizing two integrateds
thanks guys for your help 
amp/pre amp utilizing two integrateds
I'm guessing that you are correct, I hate to guess 
amp/pre amp utilizing two integrateds
It does exactly that, but which setting do I use? Am I safe either way? I have the online manual, and it really doesn't say much about it, only the back panel diagram.  
Best HDCD cd's ?
depending on your musical taste youll find there are some really good HDCDs out there. The one that comes to mind first, though its been overplayed, is Frampton Comes Alive. The deluxe 2cd version is HDCD encoded, and sounds fantastic. I compared ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Tonite it looks like Return to Forever "Romantic Warrior" Japan 25AP 55, followed by Chicagos Greatest Hits (Columbia USA) then Toto Farenheit, and if theres still time left I just found a copy of Glenn Frey The Allnighter QuiexII Promo. That shou... 
Best Rock Video - Sound Quality and Content
David Gilmour Live in Concert (2002 DVD)...DefinetelyRichard Wright does a guest appearance. Although its more of an "unplugged" sort of show, it rocks! 24bit sound, and some good cinematography. 
The infamous
Well, Ill be shameful too! Along with Fineberg, Ill put my system; $1200 CD/ $800 Amp/ $275 cables/ $450/pr Spkr....Ive got more in my CDs! And if I put my system next to a $50K system, Ill take mine and the $47 thousand to go, thank you!Dont get ... 
The best CD Player for the money
I wanted a good player for redbooks, but HDCD decoding wasa big influence as well, features? yep, that too. I ended upfanagling a new Rotel RCD991 in the box for $900 out the door, and Ive been satisfied so far. Im not ready to drop3, or even 2 gr... 
the who
From my experience, Seabird is on the right track. Somewhereon the package youll find the words "remastered" or "digitally remastered". Another way you can tell (in most cases) is if the CD is housed with a clear CD tray, instead of the black, or ... 
CDR Longevity? Brand X vs. Brand Z
Thanks, Ive seen the silver CDs listed at eBay. And now Im wondering about the black ones that look like playstationdiscs? Oh well, another hit & miss exercise! 
10 sonically best rock recordings ?
Here's a few that'll blow your mind!; Queensryche~Empire (DCC Gold Version)Yes~Fragile (East/West Japan HDCD re)Led Zeppelin~III (East/West Japan AMCY-2433)Def Leppard~Hysteria (MFSL UDCD Gold)Rush~Moving Pictures (MFSL UDCD Gold)Los Lobotomys~Can... 
Sorry Guys, I should have posted this link with my message.Check it out!http://www.hdcd.com/ 
Flood of Good Classic Rock Remasters
If youre in to the Zeppelin, try out those jap remasters released in the mini-lp sleeve's you previously mentioned.If you can find them, theyre worth every cent.Remember "since Ive been loving you" from "III", I could hardly stand listening to tha... 
Your Recommendations Please
One of my fav's is RTF's (return to forever) "Romantic Warrior" , its a real jazz/fusion headspinner! 
In my opinion (take it for thought, if anything) is that the new formats i,e; sacd, dvd-audio are just another attepmt bycorporate to get your hard earned bucks. Wonder why they're not compatable with CDs? Sony has got the stronghold on sacd, if y...