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Tonearm for Sota Saphire
The SME V arm ($1800-2,000 used) has long been considered a synergistic match with the Sota Saphire table by audiophiles. Mine is twenty years old, and is still superb. 
APS audiophile regenerator
The APS Purepower 1050 I recently added made a dramatic improvement to an already fine system (Aesthetix, Wolcotts, Sound Labs), which previously ran on 3 dedicated lines, but it also added noticable noise from it's cooling fan. 
New Apple Lossless encoder??
I have a two 3rd generation 40gb iPods (one is used by my wife) and both exhibit a problem with some Apple lossless files. I also play my iTunes library (100gb) through my main system with a Wavelength USB Brick with great results. Apple Lossless ... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
Before the Benchmark DAC-1,I was using an M Audio Firewire Audiophile. Results were Ok. The Benchmark, or course, was a great set up. The SPDIF output from the Audiophile created a hum, so I tried the Transit which solved that problem since the To... 
Apple Mini 'puter as a CD jukebox?
My current set-up: G4/iTunes tower>MAudio Transit>Benchmark DAC-1>BAT VK-5SE>Wolcott Presence 220's>Sound Lab M-1's. GREAT results. This morning I tried substituting my XP/iTunes laptop for the G4. VERY inferior sonic results! 
tube amp dilemma with electrostats
I have driven the Acents with an ARC D-115 and they had all the qualities you are looking for. My guess is that any of the ARC tubed amps would do a great job. 
Ph.D. or Cat SL 1
I am using a PHD with a Sumiko Celebation cartridge, BAT 5SE pre, Walcott 220's, Sound Labs M-2's- wonderful! Can't comment on the CAT. Acoustic Sounds sells the PHD with a 30 day return policy.