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Is a sub on a different circuit often a problem?
One way to deal with this is to create a custom PC with high quality 10 or 12 gauge wire and quality terminations. I did one (30') from BPT with good results, and at reasonable cost. Then you plug it into your dedicated circuit. 
Short USB cables choices
Within the last two weeks there was heated discussion on AA, (Computer Audio Asylum, sub category) where a member with an extremely revolving system said he heard an extreme improvement in his system when he substituted a $500 Tesla USB cable for ... 
Amp for Mirage M1 Si's??
Spikes make a major improvement! A necessity IMHO! 
Amp for Mirage M1 Si's??
I recently brought my M-1's out of storage and paired them with Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks (400 wpc.) They have never sound better! I was very impressed. A bit over your budget, but goes to show what can be achieved. 
What makes a high $$$ cartridge high $$$?
The very expensive cartridges are like the very best of anything- hand made by a master who understands how attention to fine detail and the use of the very best materials does make as difference. Audiophiles with high resolution systems and a dis... 
Any reason to spend $$ on hi-end ICs for an iPod?
If you are using your ipod as your source in a reasonably good mid-fi or better system with good files (lossless or better) you should at east use something better than a complete POS like the RS. The Monster cable for about $35 is worth it. I hav... 
cable lifters, how to maximize benefit?
Make a bunch yourself for about $3 and try them. You won't go back! (Take heavy craft paper, cut into strips 3x10", use tape to create cylinders, fill 7/8 full with kitty litter or sand in baggy, place every couple of feet) Effect will be immediat... 
Impressed with Tubes
There are tube amps that do a great job with extremely difficult speaker loads (SoundLab electrostatics) such as Wolcott. Unfortunately these amps are not well known due to a lack of advertising. Furthermore, Wolcott amps are extremely easy to mai... 
Tube amp for Sound Labs
The Wolcott amps are a proven winner with Soundlabs. There may be better, but for the price, unlikely. They are very reliable, and do not rely on esoteric parts, or a stressed design. When an output tube goes bad, it will tell you which one. Just ... 
Where to sample music
Don't overlook local CD vendors such as Borders which generally have numerous listening stations whereyou can sample numerous CD's- the entire CD if you wish. Overpriced, but no obligation to buy. 
who surprised and who disappointed
In every case when I have had the opprotunity to hear live someone I have on recording and then go home and listen to their recording, the recording has always won, no question. While I have a great system, i think it has more to do with the PA th... 
Old Drive + DAC still better than my PC setup ?
Having owned the M Audio FW Audiophile, I believe this is the weak link. I moved on to the Wavelength Audio Brick, and now the Cosecant; both are a major step up and should beat the CD playback. 
Remote Controlling PC with Palm
Salling Clicker ($20) is great, but only works with MACs. 
Good workout music for baby boomers
As a 62 year old pre-boomer with an eclectic taste in music, I use a 40gb iPod for workouts. Using the shuttle mode with an 11,000 song library, consisting of everything from Glen Gould to Hank Williams, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Cuban, Cajun, Caribbian, ... 
Power conditioning: APS, Eclipse, Velocitor, or ?
I can not speak to the others, but the APS unit improved the performance of every component in my system and took it to a new level. APS has addressed the noise issue and has promised me a replacement unit shortly that should take care of this issue.