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Stand out phono stages
"What about the Audio Research REF PH2SE"- MbovairdINHO, this is indeed one of the great ones. Night and day difference from my previous best, the Aesthetix Rhea. 
Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013
While it is in another league price-wise, it is my opinion that anyone considering the Sony machine needs to seriously look at the Lumin. 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
Have any Lampi fans looked inside the box?? Scared me off! Looks like one step above a high school science project. 
Nation wide Quality Caring Delivery for Audio Gear
Probably not. Your best bet is to have them properly crated by an expert(custom made wood crates) and then shipped by truck with insurance. If the crates arrive visually undamaged, the speakers will be fine. As a SoundLab (huge, heavy speaker pane... 
Need advice on rich sounding cables
"Rich sounding" should come from your system 1st. The right cables can only reinforce this. That said, IMHO, amoung the best for 'richness' are Teo liguid cables. 
I've heard the MartinLogan CLX.... WOW
If you like the CLX and are considering a purchase, you owe it to yourself to audition SoundLab M-1PX speakers, particularly with the latest Consummate back plates. Nothing else compares. 
ARC Ref phono stage.
I own the REF2SE because the dealer let me take it home. If yours doesn't do that, he's a fool. Find another dealer. Yes, you should be able to enjoy it's wonderful qualities even with a SE system, if as suggested, your system is good enough. 
Worlds best DAC
"The Best" is a constantly evolving target. Stereophile Magazine would have us believe it is the $108,000 dCS Vivaldi stack. 
What is the best planar or electrostatic speaker?
In my biased opinion, without a doubt, SoundLab electrostatic speakers, particularly the U-1PX. And I have heard them all. 
Good value for money speaker cables around $200
As was previously suggested, you need to try different options, the Cable Company being an excellent way to do this before making the final purchase. Get some of the suggested cables from them to compare, and while you're at it, be sure to swap ou... 
I just installed new furnance and AC
Any noticeable noise in the listening room is undesirable. If you live where AC is a necessity in the summer, and you don't have a silent source, the problem is compounded. Electric heat is impractical cost-wise, unless you live where electric rat... 
At What Age Does An Audiophile Buy His Last Amp?
I would add, that since seniors can remain healthy and active into their 90's, and if I am so lucky, I might just buy a new amp at that age! 
At What Age Does An Audiophile Buy His Last Amp?
As a lifelong audiophile and music lover (aged 70) my system is the best ever, has recently been upgraded in a major way, and will undoubtedly get better in time, as long as I can hear and function. How we age is a factor of how we care for oursel... 
tube amps and electrostatics
"I will say this. Any interest I had in trying ESLs is gone. It seems that amp/ESL compatibility is counter-intuitive. So I'll stick with what I have." Bifwynne If you have not experienced a well done ESL system, you are missing out on the best! I... 
Cleaning new/sealed records?
Always clean new records to remove whatever might be there, most likely "mold release" as many others have stated. Ultra sonic cleaning is incredible, makes any record better!