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integrated amp on a budget
Parasound Hint6 has to be looked at.  
Guess How Big My Speakers Are
Are they 1cubic foot bookshelves? Say, Squires hrs-1..... Or something like that? 😁  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@reubent  Yes, I've switched to MC on my phono input. My pre-amp (parasound new classic 200, basically new) has MC phono input. Maybe a separate phono pre is in order? Don't have a ton of money left over after the cartridge purchase though.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@big_greg Loving that album. Really getting into Eno these days. Passed on his "ambient 4 - on land" album this weekend at a used record shop simply cuz I didn’t know it. Went home, streamed. WOW, gotta call that shop up and try put it on hold ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@reubent  The new Rega Ania MC cartridge is nice. My fist MC. Softer sounding (not as loud at same volume setting as my MM) but more focused I'd say. Not a huge difference to my ADC QLM 32 mk2 MM cartridge though (maybe that my 57 year old ears a... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
I see your Pete Townshend and raise you.... Brian Eno - Another Green World (on my Sony PS-X50 with brand new to night Rega Ania MC cartridge... Woot Woot)  
Cartridge recommedations
I've just ordered the Rega Ania and expecting it tomorrow. It will be used on a Sony PS-x50 turntable and is my first MC cartridge so,,, fingers crossed I can set it up properly. I'll report back once I have an impression.  
In the beginning
Music has evolved from an early way of comunicting. Launaguge was primative. Banging rhymically and making noise emoted feeling and sometimes a memory. And, as it evolved, people started to like how it made them feel.    We humans like things th... 
Sony PS-X50 - MC cartridge advice please (and general MC cartridge advice)
Thank you so much @jasonbourne52  for  your teaching's and time taken. 👍 I'll also look into the Sony XL series @nandric . Another question if I might. My readings is that MC styli will wear out faster than an MC styli. In your experience's, wou... 
Sony PS-X50 - MC cartridge advice please (and general MC cartridge advice)
Thanks @jasonbourne52 . Will my Sony PS-X50 suitably accept the mentioned MC cartridge. My reading is some MC cartridges are low, medium, or high output and should be carefully matched to the turntable. So I’m trying to do that with zero understa... 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
CFNY 102.1 - The Spirit of RADIOFirst started as a pirate radio station broadcasting from a boat on lake Ontario. Then moved to a little house/shack in Brampton Ontario... and onwards from there. Was the best damn alternative to EVERYTHING station. 
Top 5 Reaons to NOT BUY A TURNTABLE.
"And the number one reason not to listen to MC........ He always circles round to Tekton worship"His video link opens straight to "tekton.blah blah blah blah"... 
Better CD Sound: The Search
+3 (or 4, 5, 6, I lost track) on the Audiolab 6000CDT plus a DAC.  
Why is NASCAR suddenly topping the charts?
" echoing throughout the land ".... as in "getting quieter and quieter as time passes?" as in "getting less and less relevant?".  
Which DAC is better?
tgilbSpot on. Buy an inexpensive coax cable, experiment and listen. You may find you agree with the majority of Node2i users and prefer not to use the onboard DAC. The worst that will happen is you hear no difference and you just have an extra cab...