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What is your opinion of single driver speakers
Um, Ah,,,, Er, what?  
I feel so inadequate after seeing this guy.
Cool. Guy has a hobby. Cool  
What is your opinion of single driver speakers
Funny you should ask. I`ve wanted to tryout fill range single drive for a while now so, about 2 months ago I purchased a used set of TangBand W8-2145 8" drives and went about building cabinets. Finished last night and did a serious listen. WOW. Th... 
McIntosh Announces Mc451 Dual Mono Power Amplifier
Wow,,, looks so big and powerful. The "V8" engine of the audio world maybe?  
wanting to take a digital step
 @charles1dad  Ya... at $5000 I'd say it is way off mentioning in this thread. Makes one think, is there an alterior motive for mentioning it with a link to promote and sell it?  
I can't believe this.
Warranty work/claims are not like other services like shipping or airline seat selection. Both those are services you go into knowing there is a fee schedule,,, it will not be free. Warranty work is included and advertised as part of the product y... 
Time to do house cleaning.
@fuzztone   +1 "Soon enough father time will have you giving or throwing it away. Find a loving home for your ex’s while you still can." Exactly what I was gonna say. Deal with it now while you physically/mentally can knowing you at least tried... 
What now?
Well, the piano being a "compact electronic" keyboard is now not anywhere near as worry as we may have thought. Capacitors and silicon don't vibrate and resonate like piano wires.  
Audiolab 6000N going Gapless - FINALLY
Nov 25/22.   AudioLab 6000N upgrade to gapless. All AudioLab streaming products are now gapless. This is HUGH. Just listened to Pink Floyd DSOM and now in wonderful glorious GAPLESS play back as it was ment to be.   Thank you Audiolab for thi... 
Audiolab 6000N going Gapless - FINALLY
Couldn't agree more. If I knew how important GAPLESS is prior to purchasing the Audiolab 6000N streamer (my first streamer) I would not have bought it. I do have to give it top marks for sound quality though. If you ignore the lack of gapless and... 
Bluesound Node or Audiolab 6000N
Update - Oct 25 2022    As of Sept 2022,  Audiolab have upgraded software that now support gapless playback for their newest products, but not the 6000N .   Today (Oct 25 2022) Audiolab support stated that a new software update coming soon wil... 
CD player suggestions...
Audiolab 6000CDT Transport. $600 new, an amazing performer.  
The one time you want to pull out but she says no.
+1 Ohm Walsh  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
"The Undertones" debut album from 1978. Power Pop / Post Punk group that really was very good, still is. Lots of catchy stuff here.  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Mine is "Direct to Disc" by Toronto band FM. An instrumental electronic kind of Jazz fusion feel I've always loved for it's truly original and different sound. 2 tracks only,, "Headroom I Tyra Reflection" and "Border Crossing I the first movement ...