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Routing along Streaming.
sleepwalker65? I'm I high..YES!  Our home is @ 4100 feet above sea level near Lake Tahoe, CA. 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Lance,          This is a late question base on G Matric cable thread start date.I'm changing my equipment rack to support twin Pass Labs Mono blocks.At present I'm using Acoustic Zen Silver Ref ll's balanced 24"L. New setupwill require longer run... 
New $24,000 inter-connect
Gentlemen all..    Keep this tread in perspective. Example: Out here in California a Lotto winner of$108,040,000 net after TAXES.  $24K cables chump change guy's. 
Are Pass Labs amps probably the best ever you can buy ?
Cakyol,  Look NO!  @ all of these response why. Speakers love the very best Amp driven them to Nirvana.  Pass/TA Arc/etc,etc.  If your eye's on a PASS LABS own it.Guess what!  Not the exact SOUND YOUR EARS WANTED. No problem. To cool, to warmto ho... 
I can not live without "Room Correction"
Keep it SIMPLE!!Everything in the single path has to have some percent of negativityit absolutely  impossible not to. Yes a marginal grain here/there.Myself I completely solved 98% of the room injections.               Bought a high back leather c... 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
Bigshutterbug   Many thanks for your very in-depth report on your personal findings.I.e. on the wire size= many+++'s. Audioquest 12V DC cable uses much larger wire gauge. Which now makes me think about how much research on wire size they REALLY did.. 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
bigshutterbugp.s. What sonic improvements did the Astron RS12A have over theMytek internal 12VPS that was most noticeable to your ear. Bass, Mid, Highs, transits, Depth of sound stage etc.? 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
bigshutterbug Golden spec high Audio gear doesn’t guarantee Golden Earperformance. As I’ve found out over the year’s. You have tried HDPLEX 100 which I was going audition. Only they coming out with highly upgrade sonically HDPLEX 200/200 watt outp... 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
bigshutterbug      I know mention trying other high PS. But" I would really like toknow what brand" . Why! several makers will send you one toaudition. Your feed back will save me the effort on those brandsas with any VERY GOOD PS to 12V DC their ... 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
bigshutterbugFeeding the MYTEK Brooklyn Dac 12V DC  needs up to 3>to5 Ampsto get Max Dynamic/ transit attacks responses. "Their Tech guy said to me". Hmm!  22 gauge fine Ox free copper stranded may not do it. 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
bigshutterbugWhat highend $$ AC/DC brand names did you audition that didn'tmeet your SONIC demands over the AstronS12a??p.s. how many watts dose it putout. 
Mytek Dac going Ac to DC power.
erik_squires  This was my reason for starting this tread to DC power  FOR my newMytek Brooklyn.  DC 12v power is favored so long as it's super clean anddoesn't ad ripple waves or transformer hum if it's that type.I.e Not switching AC TO DC.I have ... 
Removing spikes... Now my speakers sing
Spike or not to Spike the question is!My listen room is 16'X24' with arced  beamed ceiling with carped covered suspended 2nd floor. I used my Sennheiser condenser Calibrated mike thru real time analyzer + sweep tone generator on a mike stand towar... 
New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000
250K   Hmmm! Have any of you thought that you could hire a band to come over to your home every Fri & Sat for say 5 yrs straight and get1000% better sound, not mention the LIVE EXPERI ANCE with all your friends to. Beat that Dan... 
Folded tweeters vs. dome?
wisciman99: Those who are negative on AMT .Should read Dr.Hiel'swhite paper on high frequency reproduction. I.e. for the mostaccurate approach: To solve the need for Speed/transits/distortionthat music demands and if you are serious to have a driv...