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Quad 57' system upgrade suggestions requested
Check out the TBI Millenia MG3 amp.Audio Circle dot com>>Circles>>Low Wattage Systems>>TBI Millenia MG3 A modern day Giant Killer! 
which not too expensive amp for Maggie 1.7 ?
The Ice H2O S-100 amp is made to drive speakers like the Maggie's. Don't know if $1995 NEW is in your budget!! 
Anyone Make Budget Flat Speaker Cable?
The Radio Shack cable is the Megacable Flat Speaker Cable 278-1273A. 50-ft 14-gauge and it's good. I think it's $25 on the mainland. 
Amp recommendations for stacked Quad ESL 57's
When I had stacked Quads 57's, I used VTL TT-25. 
Review: Tonian Labs TL-D1 Speaker
Thank you Paul for this most informative review of the TL-D1. You have provided the type of answers that one is looking for when looking at these speakers. Job well done. 
Where can one purchase lead shot for speakers?
Aloha Bill--I'm on Oahu. If you order have it shipped via Priority Mail Flat Rate. You can ship up to 70 lbs. for $13.95 if you can get it in the Flat Rate box, that is no problem with shot. My mailman has somebody here on the his route that has s... 
Which version of iTunes is best?
Thanks for your great responses. I have learned a great deal from all the threads here on Audiogon. 
The Best CDs to Give as Presents
This would make a nice gift to be played a a dinner party or anytime. Houston Person "In A Sentimental Mood"(HighNote HCD 7060). Saxophone, piano, bass and drums. The salesman at Virgin Altantic, at Times Square, said He would always sale 5 or 6 o... 
whats the finest recorded cd you've heard?
Buddy Holly--FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES. Track #20 is in stereo, True Love Ways. This is not the track I use to impress my friends. I use it to impress me. What a wall of sound. Why can't all Cd's sound this way. Oh yeah, remastered by Steve H... 
I want to use an OTA HD antenna...
Check out the review of the Sony XDR-F1HD tuner at theaudiocritic.com. Super HD tuner at $100. 
Looking for the Best Sounding 250 Tracks
This is the track that shows off your stereo and can put a tear in your eye. MCA Records "Buddy Holly-From The Original Master Tapes" is the album, "True Love Ways" is the track. This track is in stereo and will give you a wall of sound that shows... 
What is your experience with Muscial Concept Mods?
John is a pleasure to work with and has been around over 30 years, not a fly-by-night operation. His equipment and mods are know for being very musical. When his equipment does show up here on Audiogon it doesn't stay long. 
Do any speakers image/sound-stage close to walls?
Cain & Cain build a speaker design by Gordon Rankin called the Wall-O-Sound. It's designed to worked close to the back wall. 
Best Integrated Amplifier Made at the USA
I love integrateds. The best I've own is the Audiotropic Musical Machine made in the USA. Sixmoons did a review on this jewel. 
Ripping to a Mac, any software?
One of the response makes me ask, what being used by everybody when importing directly to iTunes, the equalize ON in FLAT or with the equalizer OFF. What best?