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CD-Receiver Recommendations
I used the Aura Note for over a year in my office and was very happy with it. 
Upgrade suggestions
Rdavwhitaker,I agree with all of the feedback you have received.I've owned many Rega tables (& still use Rega tonearms).I always found the Rega cartridge to be the weak link in an all Rega turntable set-up).I found The well reviewed and very a... 
Are side firing woofers only for aesthetics?
I currently own 3 pair of floorstanders with side firing woofers(Canton Karat M-70,Coincident Partial Eclipse,& Infinity Kappa 400).This configuration works well in both rooms where I listen,even though placement is closer to the sidewall/corn... 
best vintage 70s, 80s amp?
I loved the Aragon amps, which were introduced in the 80's.Vintage Threshold Stasis amps were nice too! 
Best Fully Automatic TT
The Dual CS 5000 is my favorite vintage semi-automatic TT.When the arm is moved over the record,the platter begins to spin.Once proper speed has been reached(33,45,or 78)the arm lowers automatically onto the disc.At the end of the record,the arm l... 
Best of in new york
Does Burger and a Cupcake still exist(near MSG)? 
best cartridge under $500
The Ortofon 2M series (moving magnet) are very good,especially for the money!I use a Blue on one of my vintage Dual tables.The sound is incredibly good,much better than the OM30 Super it replaced.The 2M cartridges are easy to mount as well.I find ... 
Opinions on vintage Dual turntables
The CS 5000 is my favorite! I own 3 of them. 
VPI Classic Cartridge Help
The Clearaudio Virtuoso(and Maestro) Wood Cartridges work very nicely with the JMW arms.I know that Harry recommended the Dynavector 20x and the Sumiko Blackbird to me when I was using a Scoutmaster. 
Dac recommendations for computer audio
I use a Blue Circle Thingee,which is acceptable as a stand alone DAC and also converts USB to SPDIF.That will allow you to use any DAC with a 75 OHM digital input.There are so many great sounding affordable DACS that do not have USB inputs that ca... 
The PS Audio PCA-2, good product? Compairisons?
I have owned the PCA-2.At the time ,in the context of my system,I found it to be very good sounding--but not special or exciting.The word that comes to mind is competent.The user interface was outstanding;among the best I have used.At the time I o... 
tube cd player vs solid state
There are great sounding/affordable players of both types.My favorite,which provides the dynamics and detail of a good ss player with the full bodied sound of tubes is the JAS Musik 1.2 
Usher cp 6311
Mine sounded best with my Muse model 160 mk.II amp. They also sounded quite good with a raysonic SP 120 KT 88 integrated. 
Speaker cabinet made of real wood
I believe some of the Opera speakers as well. 
Favorite 5 Hard Rock albums Driving Music
Deep Purple "Machine Head" with Highway Star being the best driving song,"Burn" and "Perfect Strangers".Led Zep I and "Physical Graffiti".