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Hafler XL600 Vs Hafler 9505 Much difference?
Yes,they are quite different.Both are excellent amplifiers.The big drawback to the otherwise outstanding XL-600 is the cooling fan.If you would like to talk more on the subject,give me a call.Latty(215)570-8497 
Any love for the Vincent PHO-8phono stage?
I have not heard the Cambridge,but am currently using the PHO-8.It is extremely quiet and well balanced.Though not as flexible or dynamic,it is the best sounding inexpensive phono preamp I have had since selling my Lehman Black Cube SE.It is also ... 
Is it wrong?
A long ago acquaintence(went by the name of Dr. K)once told me:Do what you feelFeel what you do &Do it all over the world! 
Best used DAC around $500
The Cambridge is very good and very flexible.The Citypulse DACS are also great sounding and add a headphone amp/variable output remote controlled preamp as well.If USB is not required,The Musical Fidelity A 3-24 is built like a tank and is very mu... 
Is centerclamp like TT Weights as good as TT maker
I have two of the TT weights and am quite pleased! 
Adding Sub to current system
The Rel subs are musical and integrate well with most speaker systems.Even their affordable T series are terrific and designed for corner placement. 
Celestion Ditton 110 erplacement Tweeter
Hotmailjbc,Thank you! I'll call them. 
subwoofers w/room correction
Many Infinity subs use their RABOS System.Some Velodyne subs provide remote setting via mic which does some room correction. 
Curiousgeorge,A Hafler Transnova 9300 does very well with the Heresys and sells used for less than $400.The 9500 or 9505 will drive almost anything(probably overkill for the Heresys)and should set you back between $600 or $700.My favorite SS amp i... 
Vintage Hafler amps are a good match 
Budget Phono Amp / Stage Recommendation?
I very much enjoyed your last post.Glad there was no audible damage to the LP.A carbon fiber brush(about $20)is the best way to remove dust.You can do this while the record rotates on the platter.As far as the vinyl sounding warmer:There are cartr... 
Budget Phono Amp / Stage Recommendation?
I have used both the PP-2 and the Dino.The Dino was better.I have not heard the 640P but it seems like its worth a try.I have their new DACMAGIC D/A converter and it is astoundingly good! I'm surprised that Vincent(or an identical unit with a Chin... 
Budget Phono Amp / Stage Recommendation?
I'm currently using a Vincent PHO-8.It is the best sounding inexpensive phono preamp I have used since selling my Lehman Black Cube SE.The Vincent lists for $399 and can be purchased for a little less.Sounds great,seperate power supply,attractive,... 
suggestions on MM to MC upgrade
I have several excellent MM cartridges including an Ortofon 2M Black and a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood.I enjoy both a great deal.Recently,I purchased a used Denon TD 316 with a nearly new Denon DL 110 cartridge(high Output MC) fom a fellow Audiogon m... 
Top 10 Jazz recordings ever
Miles Davis:Sketches Of SpainChick Corea Akoustic Band:AliveRay Brown:SuperbassDave Brubeck:Take 5Sonny Rollins:Way Out WestHarry James:The King James SessionsBill Evans:Live at The Village VanguardBranford Maralis:Trio JeepyJoshua Redmond:Wish......