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What cheap dacs are there with volume controls?
I have two of the Citypulse Dacs.They are affordable,sound great,can be found used,and have high quality remote volume pots. 
Help with choosing 5 channel amp
The best that I tried was the Rotel RMB 1095.That "Budget Beast" was fantastic!!! My favorite 3 channel amp was the Acurus 8008x3B 
any one box amps that come close to monoblocks?
In my experience there have been two,The Muse model 160,and the Plinius SA 100 MK III.The Acurus 8008BB was also very good!I'm sure there are many others.I believe all three of these amps were dual mono designs.When I owned them,I also had Sonic F... 
Recommendations for monitor/bookshelf speakers
Though not inexpensive,the XQ 20 are the best I've heard at my local high end dealer.They are beautiful(in the rosewood)and the soundstage is unbelievable!!! 
Monitor suggestions
Check out the Mark & Daniel monitors.They sound great,look exquisite and are available in white. 
Neutral Sounding Silver Cables?
The Granite Audio Silver Cables are the best I have heard in my system.I am running 2 pair,one between the preamp and amp and the other between my CD player and preamp. I also like the MAC cables sold hear on A-Gon and the AQ Silver cables sold by... 
Good budget tube amp?
I share your opinion when it comes to Rogue Audio amplifiers and currently own a Stereo 90.I also own and love a Raysonic SP-120 KT-88 based integrated.It is great sounding,very dynamic,and the quietest tube amp I have owned.You may be able to fin... 
NuVision or Panasonic or Samsung flat screen?
We recently added 2 new TV's.I have been a Ploneer Plasma guy for a while.My main display is a 50" Kuro.I think most current TV's look pretty good.I looked at LCD's,Edge Lit and backlit LED's(from LG,Sharp,Vizio,and Samsung) and Panasonic Plasmas.... 
5 legendary speakers?
Allison Model 1Large AdventsDalquist DQ 10Vandersteen Model 2 (2CI and 2CE for me)Infinity Kappa 9 
Cary CPA-1 preamp...listening impressions?
Talk2meHope all is well and your recovery is on schedule.Enjoy the Cary for what it is. I think you might be pleasently surprised.Larry 
Amps Using the 211 Tube
Charles1dad,I'm certain you are correct. I am no technical wizard! I do enjoy listening to music and playing with different equipment.I currently own a Rogue Stereo 90 which is switchable. 
Amps Using the 211 Tube
I do not have a great deal of experience with SET amps.I have owned and currently own a number of EL-34,6550 and KT-88 based amps.Some are/have been wired for both ultralinear and SET operation.With my speakers and in my room I have preferred the ... 
Amps Using the 211 Tube
The other amp that I liked with the large Horn speakers was not a Raysonic.It was the JAS Array 2.1 and uses 805 tubes for output.I am told that they are smoother (less grain) than comparable 845 based amps.The 805 tubes are similar in sound to th... 
Amps Using the 211 Tube
I've listened to many amps driving large horn speakers at my favorite local audio store and have not heard better sound than Consonance Cyber 211 mono amps.The sound (tonality,PRAT,Bass,dynamics,soundstage)is so real;you feel like you are with the... 
Cary CPA-1 preamp...listening impressions?
The Cary is a very good preamp(for the money or even at 2-3 times the money).It is essentially the SLP 03 with a solid state output stage.It features true balanced inputs and outputs.It is very underated.I used mine with a Lehman Black Cube SE wit...