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Preamp recommendation please..
I can recommend two preamps that I am currently using. The Roague RP-5 and the sonic frontiers line 1.I also like a tube preamp with A solid-state amplifier. 
suggestion for turntable upgrade
I love my Classic!!! 
In Awe of "Yessongs" Forty Years Later
It is a travesty that Yes is not in the R & R Hall of Fame!!! 
Raysonic gone belly up, is this a hoax? Read on...
I have owned several Raysonic pieces over the years and all have performed flawlessly. I currently use the CD 238 in my reference system. It bested many Esoteric brands (including Esoteric :) in home and store compatisons. I would not trade its pe... 
Raysonic gone belly up, is this a hoax? Read on...
I have owned a number of Raysonic pieces over the years, including the SP-120 integrated amp and several CD players. They have all performed flawlessly. I currently use the 238 CD player in my reference system. I would not exchange its performance... 
Life after Polk LSI15's---SUGGESTIONS
KEF R series. R500 or R700. 
Kef Blade or Wilson Audio Alexia?
I have not heard the new Wilsons, but I have heard the Blades. I love everything about them!!!!! I can't justify the expense, but did purchase the R700 in Rosewood to get as close to the Blade sound as possible. 
Affordable SS amp that has tube characteristics
Muse Model 160 
Best 2 ch. Amp, for music, under $1k used
Muse Model 160 
New Speakers for $2000
Check out the Kef Q 700,Q 900 and XQ 20 speakers.All excel in imaging,soundstage and detail. 
Where stands the music of Chet Baker with you?
He was one of my favorite artists.I enjoy his minimalist approach to singing as well.I think I enjoy his later performances (after the loss of his teeth} the most. His tone was so haunting and his story so tragic!!! 
Best Live Album Ever...
ABB Live at The Fillmore East!!!Los Lonely Boys Live at The Fillmore is also a nice listen. 
best phono preamp under 500?
I also love the Lehman Black Cube.The Vincent PHO 8 is also a great sounding affordable solution. 
rel T1, any good for music?
I use mine for both music and theater.My front speakers (Canton Karat M-70) are far from bass shy.The Rel is connected to a Pioneer Elite SC 35 Receivier via both RCA(to subwoofer out) and Nuetrik from the speaker terminals.I have it crossed over ... 
What cheap dacs are there with volume controls?
I have two of the Citypulse Dacs.They are affordable,sound great,can be found used,and have high quality remote volume pots.