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McCormack DAC-1 Deluxe
I concur that the DAC 1 Deluxe is a great sonding unit(used one for several years).Great "bang for the buck" can also be found with the Soundstream DAC(designed by Krell Digital). 
Musical Fidelity A324 DAC too bright?
When I was using the A324 I found it to be very sensitive to transports and cables.It sounded very nice with a Rega Planet(original) and a Musical Fidelity A3 Cd used as transports.It sounded average with a Denon changer and absolutely awful with ... 
Best cheap cartridge for college student
I have a couple of NOS Grados(older brown/tan plastic bodies).One is new, the other has a few hours.They sound great and I will donate them to a good home.I ask only that shipping is paid.I will not be able to ship until 1/4/04.Larry 
Von Schweikert VR2 vs Sonus Faber Grand Piano H
It's a matter of taste and preference.I own the VR-2's and have heard the Grand Pianos.The Bass performance of the Vr-2 speakers are very special for the price.I believe the Grand Piano H do a better "disappearing" act.If possible I would buy the ... 
VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3
VR-4jr hands down.I've heard both at Quest For Sound and Love the 4jr's.Larry 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Though not highly thought of in the Audiophile community,the best all around speakers I have owned(and still do) are Canton Karat M 70's.Paired with my Aragon 8008 they are marvelous!!! 
Von Schweikert VR2 complimet integrated tube Amp
I own the VR-2's.I auditioned them with an inexpensive Consonance tube powered integrated(40 WPC)at a local dealer(Quest For Sound).they sounded terrific!!!Larry 
Leslie & Corky - Need I saw any more????
Wet, Bruce, and Lang(73?) in Philly at the Spectrum was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.They played all the Mountain songs,and while I love Clapton they "creamed" Cream on the Cream tunes!!! 
Anybody knowledgeable re reconing drivers
Millersound is excellent!!! Bill is a gentleman and great to deal with!Larry 
Tube Preamps with Bass?
Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2,or 3.My CJ PV-14 is also surprising. 
Pre-Power Best Synergy
Sonic Frontiers SFM 75 monos with a CJ PV-14AL preamp 
Speakers: What's MOST important to you?...
All aspects are important,however;I feel that a pleasing tonality is the key ingrediant.I can't consider the "soundstage" or "air" if I cannot get past a harsh treble or lifeless midrange.Remember that this "tonality" can change drastically with d... 
Speaker upgrade itch Opinions 2500$used
If you can station them at least 2 feet off the rear wall,Soliloquy 6.3 speakers would be a fine choice.They love tubes and I have heard them with Rogue gear.I purchased the 5.3 which are nice but not nearly as dynamic as the 6.3.If the speakers n... 
Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?
I like the 7700 so much I've purchased 3!!!Built like a tank, tracks everything, great picture ,superb Dacs!I don't need SACD and the Line Doubler in my Mitsu widesceen is as good as progressive scan to my eyes.The 7700 has an icon controller on t...