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Sonus Faber CONCERTINO vs. Quad 11L?
Both are excellent speakers.I have owned both.Ultimately the Quad 11L worked better in my office system and it definately provides more "bang for the buck." You can't go wrong with either of these fine speakers.The Concerto may be a little warmer(... 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
Check out the Quad L 11&12.Great sound,beautiful finish,affordable.Larry 
recommendations for kitchen cabinet-top speakers?
Mirage omnisats.Larry 
Music Hall CD-25 or original Rega Planet?
I've owned both,like both,but prefer the sound of the original Planet.I find it to be more dynamic and involving.Either way you can't go wrong.Larry 
Why is Monster M1000i interconnect overlooked?
I don't know.The cables are certainly competent.I use 950 and 1000(along with 2.2 speakerwire)in my home theater and am very happy.Perhaps they're viewed by the audiophile community as mass market and overhyped.They've also been around for a long ... 
regardless of price - are these top notch amps ?
I have been using the 4jr's for several months and have an Oddyssey Stratos with the Extreme Upgrade.I have also owned an older ODL Stratos.When carefully matched to the right gear these amps can be darned good.The bass is quite powerful,maybe a l... 
Sony DVP-S9000ES vs DVP-NS999ES for 2-channel?
I had that very combo when it first came out.I found it to be OK for home theater,but unfit for serious 2 channel listening.The Sony gear was not alone in that regard.I had the same problem with Lexicon and several other pre/pros.I finally solved ... 
Other Hobbies?
Golf,the most outstanding game on Earth!!!Larry 
Consonance Droplet....anyone heard it at home yet?
Yes,brought mine home last night.Don't know about break-in,It was a CES Demo and already broken in.A huge improvement over the CD-120(pretty darned good in its own right!).Much smoother w/o sacrificing detail.Larry 
Which Solid State Amplifier is Making you Happy?
I'm using a prototype 300 WPC,96 lb. beast manufactured by Consonance.Tight bass,open mids,clear extended highs!!! Best I've heard in my system.Larry 
Von Schweikert synergy
I have the VR-4jr,I previosly owned the VR-2.The 2 was much more forgiving and sounded good with every amp I tried(Sonic Frontiers SFM 75 and 160 Monos,Odyssey Stratos Extreme,Hafler XL-600,VTL Stereo 75,and more). The 4jr are fussier and seem to ... 
'New' Gallo Reference vs. 'old' B&W Matrix 802
My vote is for the 802 series 3 hands down! It's one of the finest speakers ever made,better than the Naut. 803 which can be bass heavy.I've heard the Gallo at a local dealer.Neat looking and sound is interesting,but they were bested by other simi... 
Front Ported vs. Rear + Distance from wall
It should...,however;I've owned some front ported speakers that needed plenty of room and a few rear ported speakers that are quite at home close to the rear wall(like my Canton Karat M-70's).It all depends on the speaker's tonal balance,associate... 
Ortofon OM-30 not Super
The OM-30 is a fine moving magnet cartridge.Originally manufactured for use with low mass tonearms like the Dual cs-5000.The sound is detailed,lively,forward,and can be a bit bright if matched with other bright sounding components.I prefer it to t... 
Good MM cartridge
The ortfon OM 20 super and OM30 Super(more analytical)are good choices.Larry