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Belafonte at Carnegie Hall
Have several stereo LPs of this recording and the 8 LP 45s-all extremely enjoyable. 
a little pre help please
KT 88,You had mentioned the AM and 6922/6dj8.I'm not completely enamored of the "super tubes". 
Best pre-owned 2-channel amp for under $2000??
No mention of the McCormack DNA 1/upgraded? A solid performer. 
Gauge + Length +Material = Sound
I have preffered the finer guage wires in the ICs that I have heard.Start at 24ga,then try a 30-35 ga solid core conductor.If not intimidated go higher (40-50). 
Integrated Amp for my Audio Physic 2 speakers
I was torn between my ATM-3s and a big SS amp.The 55W triode was magical,but didn't control the bass.The inverse was true with the SS amp. In a reasonably sized room,I might try the PrimaLuna PL2.Do an inexpensive "tube roll" on the 12ax/au7s and ... 
a little pre help please
I believe the Klimo uses 12ax7s.Could you not roll some Amperex 6922s or even Mullards? >>Audio Mirror. 
a little pre help please
Do you need phono?? Can I assume that your budget is $700-1000? Maybe the Juicy Music,Mod wright,Klimo,Audio Mirror or a little more>>Herron. 
a little pre help please
My friend bought a PL2,then tried the 3 preamp.He loved the PL2,but the 3s' soundstage was rather flat-YMMV. 
Building Second System...which cables in my budget
MAS grey:Agon member:Audioparts. 
Building Second System...which cables in my budget
For speaker/IC:Try the MAS Grey/Parts Connection:$80/M/pr (FL)-these are a silver IC with teflon dialectric and have a nice/full treble and the Home Depot red-orange/black 14 gauge AC extension cord (80-100"/$15).If you try the SC,try reversing di... 
Audio Note, Lamm, 1st Sound with McIntosh 275?
You should add the Suprateks to the list.I would think that a slightly polite top-end would be a must for this combo.Assuming the Lamm will be the LL2,I believe the First Sound will be the most affordable. 
KT 88s - Gold Lion re-issue vs others
If I were going to experiment with other "88s",I would try the Shuguang Anniversary "black bottles".These are on my "to try" list. Concur with the "Winged C" comments.Found them a little bit brittle on the top-end. 
Lost - Your combined experience required
I would start with cabling.Look at the Kimber PBJ or even the Mapleshade.You might consuder a cable or multiples,with a return policy.Charge at the begining of the "charge period",take a listen and return before the CC closes.You might also look a... 
classe dr 9 owners: please inform
The DR-9/monos are a bit on the "dark" side.Probably at their best in the lower half of the spectrum.You will find that there is more top-end information in the newer designs (exception:newer Classe is a little more sterile in comparison)YMMV.List... 
Class T amps and Zu Druid Credenza's
Have thoroughly enjoyed my Winsome Labs Mouse/Blue Velvet.Can you get away with one input?? There will be differing levels of performance,based on the chip used.Do some reading about the various ones.