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Lyra Argo i or Shelter 5000?
I agree with Nolitan and the above comments. 
first sound preamp
When I worked at Salon 1 Audio,this was one of my favorites.Tube rolling is very easy-only two 6922s (Siemens or Amperex).Very open and airy,with good tonal saturation.Dual volume controls may take some time to get used to.All comments pertain to ... 
Primaluna and Rogue
IMS:I believe the 88s are more "full-range".Adjust warmth through the driver/input tubes.If the power is not an issue,the auto-bias works w/o a hitch.The "stock PL tubes" have a slightly forward sound.Rolling the 12au/ax tubes makes a significant ... 
Need help with cart and phono stage
Moving up the line should bring more to the table:10X>>17d.The output of the cartridges needs to be watched,as phono stages' gain and noise rejection become issues. Thw Aqvox states that it will accept .1mV through its' balanced input.Gettin... 
Phono stage for tube system - recommendations?
For SS phono,don't overlook the Aqvox 2CI.It is a sleeper.Great soundstage,timbre and PRAT.I use mine with a tube integrated-simply delightful. 
VAC Avatar Super and Mc 2275
Were the B&W 803s the Diamond series?? I have heard these driven with 38W/ch.If Matrix or Nautilus,then the tubes were having trouble with the impedance/crossover. 
Primaluna and Rogue
I prefer the KT-88 equiped PrimaLunas. 
Allnic Verito Z:Owners and those familiar
Breezer:When did you receive your Verito?? I understand that a change was made on the last production run.These are being exchanged,as they have no lower mids,mid bass,bass.I sent mine back-it did have a wonderful top-end,but with the other elemen... 
Need help with cart and phono stage
The p-75 was good at its' price point.The Aqvox is in a different league.The cartridges retain more of their original signature (Benz,Koetsu,Allaerts,Allnic).It is much more transparent and has gain to burn. At $1000,there are many different cartr... 
Need help with cart and phono stage
The P-75 has a similiar circuit to the Aqvox 2CI.I thought the Dyna was good,but the Aqvox takes off from there.The 17d cart would be a better upgrade.Using the balanced input is well worth the effort. I am well aware of budget constraints.But by ... 
ASR Emitter 1 , Does can drive B&W 802d ?
My friend runs his very successfully with a PL2 (38W/ch). 
threaded heavyfeet question
Changed my aluminum feet on my Bluenote to the brass footers.Nice improvement.Price them through Edensound and go with the cheapest route. 
Coaching wanted on how to get back into vinyl
Contact dealers in your area.Go out and listen,until something strikes you and you can establish a "baseline".You might as well use a "local" dealer.That way you won't run into mounting or compatability issues. 
Sub s for Dali Megaline system
2nd Albert Porter.He had just mentioned adding subs and was considering 2-3 different units. 
Crossover Tutorial
I would speak with Albert (VSA),and ask if the crossover is straight-forward or using delays.If you cascade the out-board crossover with those on the interior,you will change the slopes drasticly.If using the OB crossover,the crossovers internally...