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LSA Statement Tube Rolling
Most NOS folks use the Amperex or Siemens.Price increases as you approach the CCas. 
Which tube monos? So many choices.Very intimidated
You will probably need 50-70W/ch.The VAC Ren Series mated very well with the WP.I would think that the Lamm ml2/2.1 may end up being a little soft.Being in the SS camp,I would think that a push-pull tube output stage would be less of a transition.... 
need CDP upgrade advice
I prefer to stay in the solid=state canp for CD players.With that kind of money,you might look at Gamut CD3s,Ayre or several others.Even looking at trans/dac combos might not be out of hand. 
Primaluna and Rogue
It may be as Newbee said,as to synergy.The soundstage was rather "flat". 
Primaluna and Rogue
With tube amps:Innersound iTube (160W/kt88 or 6550) and Lamm ML 2.1s. 
Time to change speakers again
If you get the chance,take a listen to the Yankee Audio FPR-72 MKIII. 
Primaluna and Rogue
I might not include the PL3/pre,I don't believe it has the "magic" that the amps/integrateds enjoy. 
Lost that "Tube Magic". Can you help?
The amp that comes to mind is the CJ MV-100.Agree with the SE tube comments.The Onix SP-3 with careful tube selection,possibly the Almarro 318.The PL1 from Primaluna with a little tube-rolling. 
Integrated tube amp for 91db open baffle speakers
The PrimaLuna PL2 has performed above its' weight-class.My Gallos are 90db/9 ohm and sound wonderful.This unit has also run my 90db/6 ohm OB DIYs with great success. 
ASR w/MBL 101E or Sound Lab A1-PX
The MBLs love power,thus their designed amps (high watts).This issue has been discussed in many reviews and holds true from my experience setting them up at a dealers' showroom. 
Choice material suggestion for pivoting arm board
You may wish to converse with the following:Steve Dobbins/Xact AudioAlbert Porter/Porterhouse AudioOswald Mills I'm sure that I've missed someone...Each is using different materials for arm boards on "custom" tables.I might also discuss this with ... 
How do you drive 12 Ohm speakers?
A well designed tube amp/integrated should be happier than a "pig in slop". 
Jadis JA-30's What Pre would you consider
First Sound Presence Deluxe,Supratek,Wyetech Jade-just to add a few to the mix. 
Primaluna and Rogue
Found a great combo of 12ax/au7s.The Mazda 12au7 french military labeled "Cifte" (Quest for Sound) and the Shuguang triple-mica G8/9 12ax7s (probably available thru E-Bay).If you can't find the Shu s,give me a shout.I believe that I might have acc... 
new amp choices
If considering a tube amp/integrated,why not listen to the Coincident speakers? High efficiency and impedance-great match for a tube.My choice would be the tube integrated-many to choose from.