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Upgrading interconnects?
I am not speaking of 0/180 degrees,as a subwwoofer filter/crossover.I have heard MIT and the filtering/Band Pass filters do effect the frequency spectrum/sound.Changing out to a piece of wire which does not try to do such sophisticated spectrum/fr... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Volleyguy:Funny you should mention birch,as this is the material I made my rack shelves out of. You might look at the Jantzen crosscoil inductors.They use a ribbon.I really liked them in a crossover re-build that I under took. 
Allnic Verito Z:Owners and those familiar
When the "next generation " Verito Z arrives in users hands (arms),will someone be willing to comment??? I understand the "original" was happiest in high-mass arms (IE:the Walker at 30+ grams).Much like the Myabi. Is the Shilabe,the current produc... 
Upgrading interconnects?
Capacitors and inductors effect phase,as any electrical course will teach the student.Thus many of the equations have to do with phase angles/relationships. 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Volleyguy:It also has to with dialectric.As dialectric is much like a capacitor.It can change the hi-frequencies and absorb/re-release and not in phase with the incoming signal.I find the cables to be fairly "honest".Whether this flatters the syst... 
Upgrading interconnects?
You might be amazed at what getting rid of passive components in the signal path can do.Akin to preamps and amplifiers.These components all contribute something.Correcting phase relationships after-the-fact doesn't make sense to me.If the speaker ... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Volleyguy:Yes,I have heard 35 ga (Walkers' Bio-wire) and 54 ga wire in an older OM design.There seems to be a greater coherency to phase.The ribbons go one further,until they get too thin and fragile.A law of diminishing returns. I was surprised w... 
Upgrading from TMC speaker cables- to what???
You might contact Albert Porter/Porterhouse Audio.He is a dealer for PAD and knows the cable line. 
Kharma ceramic blow up
Maybe the Kharma sub would eliminate the problem by removing the suspect low-frequency/s. 
Audio Rack Construction
I would fill the "tubing" with a material to dampen it.Mine touch the shelving (brass).Be sure to leave enough threaded rod to attach footers. 
Reed 12" vs Ikeda 407 tonearm
Be careful,as disclaimers are few and far between. 
shopping and need advice
Keep an eye open for the Radio Shack/Lineaum PRO LX-10s,on auctions/E-Bay.They sell for about $150/pr.The two 7" drivers are junk,replace with the Aurum Cantus 7" DVCs.Junk the crossover and replace with a 4.0mfd cap and .11mH inductor.The tweeter... 
Upgrading interconnects?
Have heard a similar system with MIT,You might look at Silent Source Copper Reference or Purist. 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Volleyguy:Really like the Mapleshade/Omega Mikro cabling.Had access to many cable lines,when working at a dealership many years ago.I had bought my IC/SC then ,before hearing the OMs (about $1K each). I couldn't believe what these cables did.There... 
Maple Shade Recordings?
Mapleshade Music Festival.Have to agree with Lindisfarne.The recording is great,but by the time a few tracks have past>>on to something different.Festival is a good ,cheap exposure,or a compilation.