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Favorite cover?
Lovesick Blues--Hank WilliamsCold, Cold Heart--Lucinda WilliamsWild Thing--Jimi HendrixYou Really Got a Hold on Me--The BeatlesStand by Your Man--Lyle LovettDo Wah Diddy--Ry Cooder Do Wah Diddy Diddy--Manfred Mann (not the same song as Ry C.) 
Great sounding/recorded albums
bdp24, I agree about Roy Orbison.  Some of his tracks remind me of the sound of Patsy Cline's recordings, which I think are excellent. 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
I'm only totally satisfied when the recording is very good (at least).  Otherwise, I'm wishing I could make it better somehow even though I know it's not the fault of my system. 
R.I.P. Roky Erickson.
I was fortunate enough to hear the original Elevators live twice when I was in high school.  Later I heard other versions of the Elevators (with Roky) that were less inspiring and later still I heard Roky with one of his "solo" bands.  Not always ... 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
+1 for Passion, Grace and FireJim Hall Trio: Live!John McLaughlin: My Goal’s BeyondJoe Pass: Virtuoso (don’t get the acoustic one, better tone on the electric ones)in a fusion vein:Miles Davis: A Tribute to Jack Johnson (with John McLaughlin)Mahav... 
Music lover or audiophile?
inna, I have a friend, a fellow musician/teacher, who does not listen to a system fancier than his computer.  He doesn't get why I spend the money I do on my (rather modest, frankly) system.  He says when he wants to hear music he goes to a concer... 
Wait- OMG! The song is really about...?
"Poison Ivy" by the Coasters (written by Lieber/Stoller).  According to lyricist Jerry Leiber, "Pure and simple, 'Poison Ivy' is a metaphor for a sexually transmitted disease" 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
So many good possibilities, from the sublime to the ridiculous.  One that stands out for me is from Olivier Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time." The movement is entitled "Louange a l'Eternite de Jesus."  If you haven't heard it, it's worth a ... 
I'd like to upgrade my speaker wire
Canare Star Quad.  Reasonably priced and for my system it has sounded better than two different types of Kimber cable. YMMV. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
"Les Paul, cause he invented it."I'm not sure I agree with your detective work there, dentdog.   
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Thalea String Quartet, in-store at Terra Nova Violin Shop in Austin (TX), April 6.  Sitting dead center, ten feet away from the performers has me re-evaluating my thinking for volume and spatial parameters when trying to re-create live chamber mus... 
Disco...yep, I'm going there
tlong1958, it's that distinctive "four on the floor" drumbeat that is common to disco and some Talking Heads songs.  The Tom Tom Club, a big hit with the early 80's dance culture, was a subset of Talking Heads.  Again, I like Talking Heads for the... 
Disco...yep, I'm going there
I understand that the distinction between funk and disco can sometimes be blurry but in general I see them as two very different things.  I've heard lots of funk that I like very much.  Less so with disco. 
Disco...yep, I'm going there
The closest I ever came to listening to disco on purpose was certain tracks by Talking Heads (whom I still like) 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
That's a great story, Schubert.  Was it something like the scene in "The Shawshank Redemption" in which Tim Robbins plays an opera record for the men in the prison courtyard?