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Help me understand John Coltrane .... seriously.
I would recommend starting with Soul Eyes or After the Rain.  I feel if neither of those grab you then perhaps it's something that just isn't your thing.  Best to spend your time listening to things you like, no? 
Intimate Live Acoustic Recordings
Jim Hall Trio--Live!VSOP Quintet (Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter, et. al.) 
What are your most favorite violin concerti?
Beethoven's my favorite.  I think of it as a wonderful piece of music that happens to be a conocerto.A couple of "near-concerto" offerings worth mentioning: Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante (violin and viola) and Vaughan Williams’ "The Lark Ascending... 
Are you Beethoven or Mozart?
LVB, esp. string quartets and piano sonatas. The Waldstein sonata is close to perfection. 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
Robert Gordon with Link Wray--the one where he's combing his hair on the cover.  It's the one with "The Way I Walk,"  not the one with "Red Hot"--that one doesn't sound so "red hot" 
Dazed & Confused
Though those two albums were recorded at about the same time I would expect the Yes to sound better than the Zep.  That has been my experience with those two bands FWIW.In my book nothing should ever sound as shrill as you described. 
Need a SACD DVD player on a low budget.
Check out the Oppo BDP-83SE (special edition). They took a good video player and added 400 dollars worth of analog sound upgrades. However, as I understand, the upgrades only affect the two-channel stereo analog output. You shouldn’t have a proble... 
Most annoying song, period.
two more worthy candidates:  The Candy Man Can (Sammy Davis, Jr.) and Indiana Wants Me (R. Dean Taylor).  Just awful, both of them 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
I know there are many worthy candidates that I'm not thinking of at the moment but I have to agree with those who have mentioned Terry Jacks'"Seasons in the Sun."  That is one special record. 
Remasters - are they better? What exactly is it?
dtximages--you may be right.  If I were you I would install more locks on my doors and possibly hire round-the-clock security 
Anybody play any musical instruments...........
I’m a slowly retiring music teacher and player of various instruments and styles. Lots of different styles on guitar and mandolin, plus piano, violin/fiddle and bass. Wish I’d gotten anywhere good with a drum kit, but I was pretty miserable when I... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
I don't think Abbey Road was made to be played on a Dansette, so some things must have changed along the way.   
Favorite cover?
I'm pretty sure that Aretha's version of YMMFLANW pre-dated Carole's by years so that's not really a cover as I understand it.   
Linda Ronstadt
I'm not a fan of all of her work (for instance, the Riddle standards) but I have absolutely loved her voice for 50 years or more.  I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing her open for Neil Young in the early 70's and also witnessed a rather impromptu... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
Given that:  a) the original recording and mix of Abbey Road are already very good and b) I probably won't give Abbey Road THAT MANY more spins in my remaining time on earth, I think I'll stick with the excellent re-master I bought just a few year...