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Cracked glass/ Mcintosh
Audio Classics can maybe help you out. They have all sorts of Macintosh items to repair and replace. I'm sure they can help you. LuckRick 
Good all around speaker stands...
Sound Anchor. They have ready built or they will build custom 
Upgrading the Casablanca III to HD
When you arrive at avsforum go to the Ultra high end HT gear ($20,000+) forum and then to the Official Theta thread and page 70 is a good start.Rick 
Upgrading the Casablanca III to HD
This should answer most of your questions. This page starts 8/31 but you can check out earlier and current 
New Giant Television
I would go with a Mitsubishi DLP rear projection, great picture and even better if calibrated.The Editor of Widescreen review listed his order of preference in responce to a letter to the editor. 1) Projector 2) DLP Rear Projection3) Plasma4) LCD 
Are you an Allison Krause and Union Station fan
Great music and VERY GOOD recordings.Their Live album is amazing recording quality. I've also seen them live and it was top cabin. 
Vandersteen Quatro Power Cord
I've tried quite a few on my Vandersteen 5A's and the best results have been: Cardas Golden ReferenceJPS labs Power ACFIM Gold and Silver (aka CRL- cable research lab)I have to use a flat IEC so it can fit between the heat sinks. Not sure about ho... 
Power regenerator/battery backup
I have the APC S20BLK for my music server and video components. I very happy and it kept my computer music server running several times and for quite some time.2005 Stereophile Product of the Year 
AR Ref 300 Vs 300 Mark II Sonic differences...
The reliability of the MK II is vastly improved. 
Lena Horne dead at 92
Great artist and great person, she will be missed. Pushed the color issue with music and film. Viva Lena!!! 
Best Power Cord for Phono Stage
Check out JPS Labs Analog power cord 
Should I Try a Tube Preamp?
Yes!!!!!A Preamp makes the biggest difference in a system plus they're low trouble compared to amps. 
Power cord for SVS PB12 Plus
I've tried several cords and one of my favorites for subwoofers is Cardas Golden Reference. I use it on my Vandersteen 5A subwoofers and it sounds great. You can find them on Audiogon under your $400 for 1.5m. 
Happy Thanksgiving - Quick dcs verdi question
I had the drive replaced because it couldn't read the SACD layer on Hybrid discs. It worked fine on Redbook CD's and SACD discs. The work was done at Audiophile Systems, the USA distributor. It was about a 2 week turnaround and cost about $300-350... 
Ground Loop Hum
try floating the ground with a 3>2 converter on the AC. Or to quote Mary Cardas build a new house.:-)Rick