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Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
Very good, and perceptive, report.Agreed. I'm looking forward especially to your impressions of the S3 Mk2 compared to the M2.  
Question about how to use Feickert Protractor
lewm, my pivot to spindle distances for both my 10" and 12 arms are dead on accurate. Perfect. Your point is taken that I would not have been able to do this easily if all I had were the VPI jigs.  
Where to go from XP-15? XP-17? XP-25?
You make a thoughtful point, lewm. I guess I'll see what happens once the 17 gets here.  
Where to go from XP-15? XP-17? XP-25?
Agreed. I've been very pleased with the support I've gotten from both the Pass gang and Mark.  
Where to go from XP-15? XP-17? XP-25?
Well, when I spoke to Kent he said the new 17 and 27 have improved power and also lower noise (with of course the 27 being better still). Mark at Reno says I should expect a blacker background and improved dynamics. As I use some low output carts ... 
Question about how to use Feickert Protractor
Table and Tony, Have you ever measured spindle to pivot distance on your VPI turntable(s)? The point is that the OP measures 261mm, where he should see 258mm, on his VPI turntable. Does the VPI jig even have the capacity to precisely measure P2S... 
Question about how to use Feickert Protractor
I have just about every alignment tool known to man - from a printed Hoffman arc protractor to an old Dennesen to a Feickert to a SMARTractor to many others. I use the SMARTractor now mostly because it's the most flexible and most finely construct... 
Where to go from XP-15? XP-17? XP-25?
A long delayed update. After speaking to a bunch of other folks, including Pass' Kent and Desmond at AXPONA, I decided to go for the XP-17. I can't swing even a used XP-27, and both K and D use and prefer the XP-17 over the XP-25. While none of th... 
AR ES 1 our buy a newer TY
Depends on how much you want to spend, IMO. The price you've stated for the ES-1 (unless it comes with an arm) is higher than the selling price when it was new. I bought mine in the late 1980s for $500. Over the years I fully tricked out my ES-1 w... 
Telefunken Tube Information Sources?
Alo do a search on the Asylum Tube section for posts from Bambi B. A lot of great firsthand use info on the 12AT7 variants. 
Roadrunner reapearance
It doesn't seem they offer the Roadrunner with a motor controller except as an upgrade package with a new motor. 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Let me toss in a suggestion for the exaSound e32 MkII. Granted, you'd have to piece it together with a streamer, but exaSound is offering a package with their DAC, their Sigma Streamer and a Teddy Pardo supply (highly recommended) for $3399. 30 da... 
Soundsmith Progression: MIMC Star > Sussurro Mk II
Thanks @slaw. Mine appears to be the same. 
Soundsmith Progression: MIMC Star > Sussurro Mk II
@slaw , where did you settle on the VTA for the Sussurro? Is the cart body level, or tipped up the rear a bit? 
Sussurro MkII and surface noise?
Maybe, @slaw . I set up my Benz SL when I first got a 3D arm in about 5 minutes. I figured the cart alignment gods were smiling on me that day.