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Best tools to calibrate TT motor actual speed?
I use Clearaudios disc and strobe the disc has grooves on it and you would not believe the drag of the stylus has on the speed unless  you see it first hand  
New speakers? No thanks.
If you love your Quatros I have a pair of woods myself think of moving up the line to CT 5 or even 7Enjoy the journey that is half the FUN  
Please tutor me on some integrated amp basics.
Aesthetix is a US company located in California they make some great equipment  hybrid amps preamps and now the new MAMIS integrated amp heres the web site  www.aesthetix.net  I guess that I can count myself lucky only 20 minutes from         Audi... 
Speaker Recommendation: 20K range
I second the Vandersteen Quatro Ct and save about 5 grand or if you have to spend the whole 20k order them in ebony wood 
Please tutor me on some integrated amp basics.
the Magico rep should be able to hook you up with a local dealer to demo the A3s with cables and  your setup and if the dealer dose not have your stuff they should let you bring your setup into get back to the integrated amps I had a chance to hea... 
Please tutor me on some integrated amp basics.
Haven't seen anyone mention two of the newest intergraded amps the Aesthetix MIMAS hybrid and the AYRE EX-8 also Belles has one coming out soon 
Is pre-amp getting killed?
My experience with using a DAC to drive an amp is this had a pair of vandy 2 with a Rogue cronus mag up graded my speakers to Quatros so I had to have a high pass filters put in to my integrated amp so while the guys at Rogue did their thing I bor... 
Looking for speaker recommendations
I have a Arye Codex for my DAC but the last time Richard Vandersteen was at Audio Connection I was talking to him about my next upgrade either amp or speaker he said the biggest change will come from the speakers and  ask if I had a good frontend ... 
you might want to rethink the use of a sub with Vandersteen new SUB 3 with same capability of the Quatros sub and can be tailored to any room  
Looking for speaker recommendations
For 5k you can fined a used pair of Vandy Quatros per Carbon TweeterI recently did that my self wife really love the lookThe Quatros are going better then anything else even without the CTs 
New Speakers up to $15k - The more I read the less I know!
If you live in the tri state you should get yourself to Audio Connections  and talk to JohnI did that myself and got a pair Vandersteen Quatros  best purchase  I have ever made in    audio biggest improvement in my system to date  John can dial in... 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
You owe to your self to check out the Clearaudio Performance DC or DC Woodit's in your price range  The table is steps above Rega or Technics  I have Performance DC with the Clarify arm and Talismann v2 gold cartridge  Clearaudio has great selecti... 
Vandersteen Seminar at Audio Connection (NJ)
I was there Great Day and was the one who supplied The MoFi one step The Night Fly 
Amps or Speakers which one to upgrade next
Thanks 2channel8 ordered iostek set-up disc Like I said in a previous post I talk to John all the timeI will be at Johns on 12/16 for the Vandersteen open house 
Amps or Speakers which one to upgrade next
so far on the my list Aesthetix MIMAS integrated when released