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Puritan Audio Labs GroundMaster CITY & RouteMaster grounding system
Terry, I am wondering if you (or anyone else) have compared the GroundMaster City/RouteMaster to the Synergistic Research Ground Block?  
Synergistic ECTs
I really have no idea how or why they work, other than what SR says. What I do know is that they most definitely do work in my system. As a consumer/hobbyist what else do I really need to know? If I was a competitor trying to make a similar produc... 
Synergistic ECTs
Some will not consider a product because a thorough scientific explanation of how it works is not provided. That’s their right, but, fortunately, scientific explanation is not necessary for anyone to enjoy the benefits of said product.  
Synergistic ECTs
My wife said the vocals are more intimate, like there’s someone in the room, with the ECTs. So there you have it, from the real authority😉  
Synergistic ECTs
“Do they explain the science behind their product claims?” Not sure if they do in a way that would satisfy you, I suspect not. You can check for yourself. Like any business involving proprietary technology, I’m sure they have valid reasons for no... 
Synergistic ECTs
“The ECT’s did nothing with my equipment.” ozzy, I know you have done many things to reduce all kinds of noise in your system. Maybe one or more of those things already dealt with the noise the ECTs are designed to reduce?  
Synergistic ECTs
“What do they do exactly?” Here's what it says on SR’s website: “ECTs clean up high frequency noise that otherwise distort harmonic structures within the music signal.” With 5 in difference places in my system, I hear increased transparency, de... 
Synergistic ECTs
Got my set of ECTs in on Monday, and have been enjoying a variety of music since. I ended up putting 3 in my DAC, one on the D/A chip, one near the fuse, and one near the output tube (12AU7). I also put one on my digital cable at the transport sid... 
Synergistic ECTs
Can’t complain about those who have actually tried them sharing their experience😉 I’ll know what they do (or don’t do) with my gear soon enough.  
A phenomenal new CD transport-Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 transport
A question for those of you who have the RS2; have you found not being able to program tracks to be an issue at all? I am very much intrigued by the reports of its sound quality, I am just not sure that I could do without the ability to program tr... 
The New Synergistic Research Purple Fuses
Just finished listening to Prokofiev’s 3rd Piano Concerto with Martha Argerich, Claudio Abbado and the Berlin Philharmonic. A great performance of great music!   With fully broken in SR purple fuses in my CD transport, DAC and amp, it was defini... 
Sophia Electric Magik Box
Funny, I came across the Magik Box and realized I could do something similar with what I already have. My DIY Hifi Supply Django Mini passive Transformer Volume Control preamp has a switch on the back for 6dB gain, which I hadn’t tried. I flipped ... 
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
Some, when they find something really worthwhile, actually want to share the good news with other enthusiasts, rather than spewing accusations whenever someone says anything positive about anything.  
RIP oregonpapa
Better Sounding Systems, Objectivists or Subjectivists?
Some will demand an explanation of how something works before they are willing to try it, but, if it works (produces the desired results), no explanation is required for it to do so.