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Lyra Atlas experiences
How much did it cost to rebuild your Atlas. I’m facing a possible rebuild and may cost $5995 
Lyra Atlas experiences
@rauliruegas gave bad advice at beginning of thread. I have an Atlas with an all tube system on an VPI Extended Aries I, with the 3D tonearm and it is freaking terrific! It is by far the best MC that I’ve ever owned. Just absolutely rotten advice.... 
how to clean vinyl lp with glue dirt
You're going to laugh, but, wood gluing that side of the record would remove the glue ring and the dirt in the track. It does work, although most won't go for it. 
Be careful when dealing with Pyon Sound - John Park
Please get off your soap box. 
Upgrades for Rega P3. Worth it?
Hi Nichomoff,I think your proposed upgrades are all worthy. I have a P5 and have upgraded it with a Groovetracer subplatter, Delrin platter, counterweight and Rega white belt. It really has transformed the sound of the P5 for the better.I would st... 
Grace F-9 broken stylus
If your stylus is worn on one side, I would be careful. You may damage your records.I would go with the Soundsmith re-tip. The Grace F-9 is a very nice cartridge and Peter does a great job. I found that it was $250 that was well spent. 
Wood glue method of record cleaning
It's funny, once the topic of wood glue is brought up, you get the typical snarky responses from people like Zd542, who know absolutely nothing about it.The wood glue method works and it works well. If you live in the states, Titebond II is the wa... 
ZYX R100 or Dynavector 20x2 L?
I have a ZYX R100 on my Rega P5. I've had it on for about 6 weeks. It's my 1st MC cartridge. It sounds fine and not lean at all. Plenty of bass, nice midrange, etc.I'm very happy with it. 
Grace F-9 broken stylus
What was considered the top of the line Grace cartridge? Was it the F-9 Ruby?What happened to Grace and why did they stop making cartridges?Both of my cartridges sound teriffic, much better than the Ortofon 2M Bronze that I previously owned. 
Grace F-9 broken stylus
Your Grace cartridge is amongst of the best MM cartridges ever made. I have two: Grace F9E and Grace F9 Ruby, I had the Ruby retipped at Soundsmith for $250. It sounds very nice and will be my primary cartridge until I can afford a Lyra Delos.My a... 
Turntable Upgrade Advice Needed Rega P9 or Oracle
Rega doesn't make good turntables? I can't buy that one.I don't want to go down this road. I'm looking for opinions on the sound of the P9 and the Oracle Delphi. What is the better sounding table. 
Upgrading from Rega P5 TT
Wouldn't the P7 be a lateral move, since you have you have a P5 with the Groovetracer subplatter and counterweight? You already have the speedbox. The tonearm on the P7 is the RB700, which is the same on the P5.I have a P5 with the suite of Groove...