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exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Heather Masse Try BirdsongRuth MoodyAiofe O’Donovanbut hey, i will just go thru the server.....and post... 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Thelma Huston 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
love, love this thread...add Valerie CarterAntje Duvekot 
Whats playing on your system today?
ByrdsPinetop PerkinsAmos Leeheaded into some Atlanta Rhythm 
Do i belong here
Don’t sell your optical shortmost, well many hear have never run a real glass cable.... just saying.... 
Do i belong here
Ya manyou belong heremuch as any of usGod bless 
Looking for vintage Quad ESL's - or my wife thinks a "shrink" becase she says I'm crazy!
cool story and predicimenttake the meds slowly and without a drinktell wife you ARE seeing a shrink......goes by name of Agon....must be Greek....our path somewhat similar I also made my way thru University selling very high end gear, then got awa... 
Bookshelf speakers that sound good on a SHELF or SIDEBOARD
Vandersteen VLR designed for exactly that instalation , easy load, flat to something crazy like 47 hz and integrate very well with unique Vandersteen powered subwoofers, so you have some system growth optionsread the reviews and go listen, made an... 
Allow myself to introduce...myself
Your SOTA is still just that with some TLCthey still make and service that model for a reason.... change that lastand pay it forward by giving it away ( just like how you arrived at it )speaker cabinets are more than fine woodworking but have at t... 
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium
Glad you are happyenjoy the music 
Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers with M5-HP crossovers - help needed
great call talking to RVhave to triple emphasize gdnrbob input on double boxing ! 
Would I be crazy to swap B&W 800 series for Klipsch RP series? (804S VS RP-260F)
i would see what trades you could do with The Music Room in Colorado, great fantastic Audiogon dealer.....other than loud you would IMO be selling yourself short....and yes for the K fans i have a pair of vintage 74 Cornwalls the gar... 
Vandie .7 vs Maggie .7
catch JA video interview of Richard at CES for insight into his designs and i believe an interesting VLR development..... he mentions SEAS as the driver supplier now but an upcoming change to Scanspeak..... 
Shahinian Obelisk vs VandersteenTreo
I had the Ayre VX-R Twenty and it is no slouch for surei would say any amp Ayre makes is worth trying for sureCharlie a gifted engineer with ears, RIP brotheri amrunning Richards amp now...... holy S........ staying up my bedtime listening is my n... 
Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers with M5-HP crossovers - help needed
The DBS battery has zip to do with outputthey bias or form the dialectric and are not in the circuita dead battery will effect sound but not volume you have other issues