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If your system were a car!
996 Twin Turbo with the X-50 powerkit running 1.3 bar and killing Corvettes and Vipers in the rain ALL rainy day long.... 
Lampizator evolution
it is an Amber II with tube rectification....lucked out getting it used at a very good price from TMR ( The Music Room ) right here on AudiogonI did not buy it to replace the Pandora which I have owned some 7 years now including sending it back to... 
Lampizator evolution
i have an Atlantic IIgives my $8k Aesthetix Pandora SIG a decent gofor $2ka steal IMO 
Cd storage / backup
The Bluesound is probably best bang for buck 
Cd storage / backup
2.5 K bit perfectly ripped CD into NAIM Uniti-ServeSynology NAS with 2 x 4 TB drives in a raid 1 configusb hard drive to back the raid up 
Pre-Amp Shootout
great thread.... i think you are chasing your tail with the bi-amp setupjust my $.02 
Does It have to be loud?
Also for less $$$ than you think you can get some nice tools to run on your phone or iPad, I use Studio Six Digital Audiotools RTA and a nice calibrated mic, unless I am lazy then I use the iPad microphone which ain’t too bad at 1k 
Does It have to be loud?
Looks like Elizabeth may have the only SPL meter :-) facts are peskyjust ran thru Live in Paris and a fantastic for me anyway level was 86.2 dB peak ( A weighted)no wine, not dark yet, spouse away, Labrador faking asleep....with the advent of digi... 
Ayre Codex vs. Lampizator Amber II
thankfulwhat did that run $$$$ if you dont mind me askingdid the DAC have to go to Poland for the mod or ????? 
Linear Power Supply for a DAC
Paul is a one man showit is VERY common knowlege that his product takes awileposter running him down, do you still have your place in line, what exactly did you contract for ? if your gear is in work, why not just sell your supply to somebody else... 
Vandersteen 5A batteries
not gloating......but let me tell ya the super high voltage speaker wire and IC DBS system built into the M7-High Pass amplifier is the catz a&&i have enough listening hours in and breakin time on the AQ Wild to know......replace those bat... 
Vandersteen 2C pairing
vandersteen and in your face are not exactly what I have EVER heard out of them......i got in some bit of trouble selling Model 1 over the 2 ( this is a very old story ) because in my opinion you need an amp with control of the bottom end for any ... 
Magnepan Owners
Are you blowing fuses ?????? 
Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply SR7 , I Lost my money
My recollection is when I looked into his Linear PSU he self disclosed his one/ two person shop had long long wait times AND that he was recovering from surgery as well....I went with Pardowe all have choices..... 
Ayre Codex vs. Lampizator Amber II
i have an Amber II and the considerably more expensive Aesthetix Pandora Sig with a brace of very nice tubes....the Lampi gets very close and like the Pandora errs on the side of musicality.. An incredible doubt...