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Kind of Blue SACD on a whim.
I own it and enjoy it very much.I have zero issues with it and only pure enjoyment.I almost always listen to it in my studio on the mastering system and it holds up really well techniquely and the performance is stellar.You made a great purchase. 
Help me tame my out of control bass
I'm curious what the owners manual says about recommended position?Three ports to deal with on the back sounds like a difficult combination to satisfy room effects.What are the dimensions of the room? (for modelling)I also would look for a 60 hz n... 
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
Very cool. I'd love to pick your brain some day on your "off-grid" system. As far the room goes, I would borrow a good, single, active monitor, a measurement mic (Behringer is fine and cheap) and install and use REW to analyse the acoustics and se...