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Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?
I myself was SHOCKED to hear steel guitars are actually made of wood. Now that's a ripoff! 🎸  
Types of Audiophiles
I'm in a category not named, The Conservative. I'm somewhat like The Nostalgic except I'm not disappointed. I bought the best equipment I could afford at an earlier age. It was and is the best sound quality I ever had. I've never had better so how... 
Am I Getting Soft Here?
You're not getting soft edcyn. You're just being real. My whole system cost about $7500 in 1990. Though I recently had everything refurbished, I'm still enjoying it. It's mine, it was the best I could afford at the time, it sounds great to me and ... 
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
@mijostyn They're always in my rear view mirror.  
Sad songs- We love them- We need them
Lots of sad songs out there for sure. Many are great tunes. The only one that seems to really get to me? Terry Jacks: Seasons In the Sun. Dunno why, it just hits that spot.  
… first and last post
Thyname, the "poetry" is actually taken from the soundtrack for the "black exploitation movie" Shaft. The song was done in 1971 by Isaac Hayes. The real words: Who’s the black private dick That’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Shaft, ya, damn ri... 
Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment
@sns đź‘Ť  
Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment
I just brought home an amplifier from the shop tonight. It's about 52 degrees outside. 70 in the house. I'll hook the amp up tomorrow. Condensation can fry things in a heartbeat. I take no chances and wait a day.  
Most economical way to ship large speakers?
 I work in the shipping industry as a truck driver. I assure you that you will find some shipping options cheaper than others.  I can also assure you that the cheapest ones are most likely to destroy your freight. They will probably even give you ... 
Record collecting versus hoarding
I never counted them but I probably have about 500 titles. I still have the first CD I ever purchased, Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Mine is not a huge collection but I don't own anything I've ever regretted buying. Some titles are lis... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
One of those Rent To Own places, about 40 years ago. It was a Sansui rack system. I added a Pioneer CD player the second year they came out. I also swapped out the speakers for a pair of JBL 80t's. This wasn't exactly high end but I was only 17 at... 
I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters
soix said: @pprocter Im re-posting an interesting link from @invalid that addresses your question… https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/bunking-cable-lifters/   Thanks for sharing that again. It made a believer out of me. It definitel... 
Best interconnects from preamp to amps, within budget
I really appreciate all the input here folks. Not just the specific brands mentioned, but also the guidance in general. I ordered a set of 12' Mogami Gold interconnects. The name was mentioned the most and I really like what I read about them. Th... 
Where do you want your system to go when you go?
I want my system set up at the funeral home, cranking Led Zeppelin. After that, I don’t care what happens to it. Nah, seriously, I have two identical systems and will leave them to my kids.  
Connect Harman Kardon Citation 25 Preamp to bridged Citation 22 amplifiers
Thank you both for your responses. My next question was if I had the speaker wires connected properly. The manual is a bit confusing. It states "The single set of speaker conductors are connected to the LEFT and RIGHT (positive/red) output termin...