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Review: Thiel Audio CS-7.2 Speaker
I wanted to add that the Thiel 7.2s are single-pair cable, and in this price category it's quite a savings over the dual-run needs of other speakers. 
Pre-amp that works good with Classe CA-400
I'm a decade or so late in responding, but I would like to add that my Simaudio P5LE is a match made in heaven with the CA400. They're both fantastic amps. Nevertheless, as funds permit, I intend to convert all of my components to Simaudio, changi... 
Review: Aerial 20 T .2 Speaker
Oh my gad those are gorgeous. I'll bet they sound as good as they look. My Thiels also have a rather focused sweet spot.I guess I'll get a pair of these when I hit the lottery or get a job with the federal government. 
Thiel 7.2 vs Hales T-8 opinion needed
I'm using all solid state with 7.2's and find the sound exquisite. Simaudio P5LE with Classe CDP1, CA400 power amp, and Virtual Dynamics speaker cables. Very sweet, delicate and airy, but with plenty of bass. Very quiet w. XLR! Some day I'd like t... 
Ayre K1xe vs. Simaudio P7, P8
Bluesnzzz: The thread helped me discern my bias for Simaudio, a type of bias often merely "reinforced" by firsthand audition.Admittedly, I'm quite sure that I'd be very happy with a K1, and I'm glad that you are with yours.(But can we really concl... 
Ayre K1xe vs. Simaudio P7, P8
Good input guys. Looks roughly like four in favor of Sim with Proth going for the Ayre and Tboooe more or less neutral. So if the K1xe is a bargain at $4500, then possibly the P5 or P5LE might be even more so at $2500 to $3000, older Renaissance c... 
Possibly the best pre-amp one can have
Very well-written -- and highly entertaining! (I dare say the more so if true!) I wonder if schematics could be made and disseminated somehow... 
Review: Linar Preamp 2 Preamplifier
Thanks, L'roy -- I have considered buying this amp in the past, and there's not much info on them. I imagine that if one likes Simaudio, he'll like Linar. I'd love personally to audition one of these beauties sometime in el futuro. 
Classe CDP-1.5, 1 or .5 experience??
I bought a used CDP1 from this site a year or so ago and will add that while it occasionally balks at ripped CDs, it never gives me problems with redbook disks. And the sound is really terrific -- light and airy, well-defined yet not edgy. Lots of... 
Mcintosh vs. Audio Research tube preamps
I'll never forget years ago hearing the ARC SP11 in a high-end store when it first came out. I don't remember the amps, but the speakers were Maggies. It sounded as if you were hearing live music through an open window, so open and transparent was... 
Mcintosh vs. Audio Research tube preamps
Art -- Yeah, ravages of time to be sure. That's a good point, suggesting (to me, anyway) that a real A-to-B comparison might be the C22 Commemorative and the original LS25, i.e., not mark ii. Thanks for your input. 
Audio Note kit 2 vs kit 3
I had the exact same question! Here's to several responses! 
Mark Levinson 436 Monos vs. Classe CA-401 stereo ?
Thanks for your responses, guys. I actually did buy a CA400. I've been very pleased with it. It was relatively inexpensive and, like the Classe line as a whole, has a great reputation for reliability. The sound? "Pretty darned good," but by no mea... 
whats your idea of loud music.
Twentyfive years ago, I used to be "all in to" loud. I had a Marantz 1250 integrated and Altec Model 19's. Efficient speakers and 125 old-school watts. The whole dorm was familiar with my taste in music -- fusion.Today I have no urge for loud. I'm... 
Headphone amp necessary?
Coffee nudge -- That's clever. Any appreciative volume levels coming out of that box? I would imagine that you would really have to crank up that preamp! Clever idea, though. Is there not an RCA-to-female phone jack adapter out there?