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Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
Is there anywhere to demo the Micro ? I will be in New York in a few weeks. Thanks. 
What are the best live acts?
Rusted Root, I have seen them about 13 times, I never saw show that was less than phenomenal! 
Best Rock Album in 2010
I am really enjoying the album I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers !! 
Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
Holy smokes those are stunning!!!! I'm blown away by their fit and finish, & the first rate components. Are these really retailing at only 2k?Are the stands included at this price? 
What is your most beautiful component?
My SP Tech Minis 
You can only keep one pair of speakers on the list
Simple... Keep which ever speaker sounds best to you in your listening space. 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Ryan Bingham's Junky Star is FANTASTIC!!If you like the album Nebraska by the Boss, I think you will love this album. 
What do you currently own as loudspeakers?
This thread is extremely repetitive in nature. Obviously Larr was VERY bored today. I would say that he is a pretty angry and bitter lately as well, based on his nasty, rude and mean comments on the music thread and here. Calling someone out on wh... 
Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists - Howe/Van Halen
Michael Hedges was one of the best for me. I got to see him 3 times before his sudden death. Each time I saw him I was amazed with his command of the instrument. 
Playing the wifes music choices
My girlfriend uses my system all the time, and she turns me on to great new music all the time. I know I'm lucky! 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
SP Tech Minis. An outstanding monitor!! 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More is the best album I have found in Years!!!! Buy it. It is astounding!! 
Anyone heard the Salk Veracity HT2-TL?
Rja,Go to AudioCircle. This is where you will find out the information you need. 
NHT Model II Towers
Griffinconst,$100 bucks is a no brainer to try them out. Go for it!!!Todd 
Great Monitors – Joseph Audio Pulsar ?
How much are the Pulsars ?