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cd's/SACDS to test highs?
Thanks again for all the recommendations.Now that I have a few cd's to look into, is there one or two SACD's that really work out a speakers tweeter. The whole SACD must be great as well, not just a track or two.Appreciate all the contributions! 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
I think I found your speaker!! Lol...Granted, there are probably hundreds of speakers that would work for you in the price range, and I don't really no sh*tcompared to 99% of the people on here.Coincident Parcial Eclipse. On here now at a GREAT pr... 
cd's/SACDS to test highs?
Thanks everyone ! Really appreciate all the great recs.I love Dead can dance. I have most of their CDs .I do like jazz,blue grass,folk,alt country,rockWould female opera singers be a good test as well? 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
"Lastly, you don’t have to spend a fortune for really wonderful sound. My main system wasn’t cheap…but my winter system cost around a grand, and is incredibly satisfying. I can listen to it all day with a smile on my face. "Awesome post Mano!! 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
Stringreen, that's a load of crap! There are plenty of low budget amplifiers,and low budget speakers etc., that perform way above there price points. This combination can lead to VERY good sound, and bring tons of enjoyment to music lovers/audioph... 
cd's/SACDS to test highs?
Thanks, for the recommendations, please keep em coming.Questions, Are highs consisered trumpet,flute, saprano saxaphone and cymbals?When you want to test your tweeters air and extension, what type of music or intruments are you looking for.Thanks! 
Smooth/Musical Bookshelves upto $1500 - $2000
I thought ATC's were more precise and analytical, not warm.Just asking?... 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
Renaissanceman9,Moniors are stand-mounted speakers requiring the use of sturdy stands.I think you are ok using your XBOX for now.How much do you want to spend on an amp? Did you give your total budget for the entire system.?Although it is awesome ... 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
I would recommend monitors on stands with a subwoofer. I have used a 2.1 system for 4 years or so. Because you are going to use your sytem for home theater, it is a nice option to turn up the sub for movies, You you can have some fun with explosio... 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
You can get great speakers for $350 or less. I would look into Usher 520's. Factory direct, or used. I have heard great things about these speakers. There are many people here who are humble and knowledgeable and will help you on you way. I also e... 
Album Of The Year 2011
The Antlers , Burst Apart is amazing !!! I love this band, check Hospice as well. 
Popular Female Singers in the past 2 decades
Corinne Bailey Rae !! 
Aer Pisces Mkiii ?
Thanks Buc, scratched from my list. 
NOLA Boxers in my space
Nice write up. Enjoy them! 
Best speakers in the 3000 -5000 range
Will, A few more questions for you if you don't mind. Is this for home theater listening as well? If so, what is your breakdown of listening to music compared to movies? Is one more important to you? How loud to you listen? Are you willing to add ...