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what speaker to replace atc scm35
Have you tried adding a subwoofer? 
New Speakers for $2000
I would take a good look at Vapor Audio's Breeze speakers.The speaker retails for $1250.That said, I'm sure you will get alot of great recommendations as there are many great speakers in that price range. 
High-end amplifier clarification?
Great answer Gumby!! 
Any Integrated Amps w/Phono & 100-200 Watts Power?
Edge i3 is 100 watts. 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
Obrown, GREAT list! Agree with 3,4,7,and 9 on your list. 
Any Integrated Amps w/Phono & 100-200 Watts Power?
Musical Fidelity A5 is 250 watts!, great highs, slightly warm mids but still pretty true to source, and great control over the bass region. An awesome amp really! 
Best Live Album Ever...
I LOVE Hugh Makasela's Hope. Great sound quality as well. 
Anyone own or heard Edge i3?
Thanks folks. Budget is around $850. Thinking real hard about the Edge!! 
Anyone own or heard Edge i3?
Nobody? Even if you just heard it in an audition.Thanks! 
Compare Jolida 1501/to Onkyo 955
Really want to know if the Onkyo 955a will work with 86.5 db speakers. Thanks 
If you would have to choose between Focal and B&W.
Which system sounds better to you? 
Red Wine Sig30 ?
Thanks Devilboy, not going there, plus I could not deal with the battery issues after giving it more thought. 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
Stringreen, I am not screaming to you or at you. I am screaming at your condesending remarks about so called lowfi and midfi junk. First you tell him to save his money, just buy a headphone system, until he can afford the "good stuff". In your nex... 
Complete newbie needing guidance/purchase advice
Stringreen!, You don't get it I guess!! The OP never stated that he wanted a high dollar system .My point to you before was ,you can create a GREAT sounding system with low to mid level components, and get tons of enjoyment from it. I guess the th... 
Anyone heard the new Daber Audio Monitor 3?
Screaming deal shipped to your door. Try em out, and sell for a profit if they don't work for you.Small to medium sized room. Large room with a subwoofer