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Any Single Speaker suggestions for use with chromecast r
Most of the latest wireless and bluetooth speakers have an aux input that will work with the Chromecast Audio. Hard to make a recommendation since prices, styles, and other features vary greatly. 
Efficient 2 way bookshelf/monitors under 2k
"Paradigm Prestige 15B! Frequency response if flat 57-20000Hz within 2 db and 90 db sensitivity. Dynamic and coherent."That 90db is listed as "room sensitivity" with anechoic listed at 87db, however measured sensitivity in a couple of reviews was ... 
Efficient 2 way bookshelf/monitors under 2k
Omega speakers should work well with a low wattage SET. Never tried them, but hope to some day as I seem to always read good comments from people that have them. 
What is wrong with Audiogon Forums?
I use various devices, laptop, tablet, and phone with different browsers on each of them and all have the same problems, not loading, error page, lost page trying to post a comment, etc. So NO, it is not fixed!Still curious if the "insiders" are h... 
How to stream youtube and/or music videos on my TV
Since it appears you are an Apple guy, get a Mac Mini and connect to your TV via HDMI, then digital audio out of the TV to your DAC-1. Basically just turning your TV into a computer with endless possibilities. 
What is wrong with Audiogon Forums?
I'm thinking it will likely take a hundred dollar bill to fix it. 
Center Speaker matching Front Speakers
I agree that a single TLS50 or TLS80 would be a good choice if you have space, however, any Klipsch speaker will not be a good match. The TLS80 is a transmission line speaker and not horn loaded. That 96db spec or 98db (what I found in an old broc... 
Best speakers for $300/pr
Seems like the KLH 6's were $250-$300 when new. How much is that in today's dollars? IMHO, $300 will get something different for sure, but not likely an upgrade. Since he has had them that long, are they just sitting on the floor or sitting on a s... 
Help me design for both music and TV around Legacy Audio's Wavelet + Aeris
"These speakers have in-built class D amps which I could use for regular TV watching"That is not possible since the class D amp only powers the bass. You would still need an additional amp for the rest of the speaker. 
What's the scoop on the old Jensen Corp "Advent" speaker by H. Kloss?
Agree with stereo5, restore them, and that done properly should sound much better than just reusing the cabinets. Also, restoring will increase their value. 
Scott LK-72 Integrated Amplifier worth restoring?
Also, keep in mind that value of a vintage piece like the LK-72 is based on cosmetic condition as well. Restored electrically with mint cosmetics could go much higher, where as poor cosmetics could be much lower. 
XPA-2 - issue - speaker - advice needed !
"mono male RCA to dual male RCA cables"Actually dual male to single female will work much easier. The 2 males into the Yamaha and the single female for the cable going to the Emotiva. Like this,https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-2-Male-1-Female-R... 
End game speakers for Yamaha as2100 under 5k new or used
You are welcome.I'm sure theĀ AZ Crescendo is a fine speaker, however with the 6 ohm impedance, the sensitivity at 1 watt would be 88.5db, 1.5db less than the listed 90db. Also, recommended minimum power is 50 watts. That tells me it is somewhat po... 
End game speakers for Yamaha as2100 under 5k new or used
"But I'm not sure what ohm/db that would be? Ish??"So far, the listing of speakers here have a wide variety of these parameters. IMHO, the sensitivity is the main issue and would choose a speaker above 90db for 8 ohms or 93db for 4 ohms. That sens... 
Does this image give you claustrophobia?
"George Carlin once said something to this effect: Anyone driving slower than you is an a--hole and anyone driving faster than you is an idiot."This actually applies to just about everything nowadays. Seems like so many people want to point finger...