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Anyone upgraded fuses on a Marantz SA7S1?
I was hoping to find out what the number and values were before opening so I could have the fuses on hand to perform the quick switch. Thanks for your input. 
Seeking Opinions of Shuntata Hydra
Gentlemen you are in for an extraordinary treat. I have had mine for 4 or 5 weeks now and it is nothing short of phenomenal. Warning! If you're the kind of person that cannot wait for a product to go through the required break in time, which can b... 
Conrad Johnson aftermarket upgrade
I believe you are speaking of Bill Thalman, former c-j design engineer who now operates his own business in Springfield, Va. His phone no. is 703-764-7005. I have known him for about 20 years, have used his services many times, and can attest to h... 
Cal Audio CL-10 or Theta Miles
I've heard both for extended periods of time- Theta by a long shot, I have a mint single ended (black) that I'm just about ready to sell if you decide on Miles. 
Speakers for a Classe CA-201
Cornfedboy has an excellent point with respect to losing the excellent imaging of the Totem's while gaining the "body" and low end extension of a full range floorstander. With this in mind, why don't you give a listen to Aerial 6 and 7B. I'm using... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
Jim Wang of Harmonic Tech advised me that double runs of 11 are better sounding than a 9 biwire. 
Best power cord for amp??
I have tried twelve different power cords on both my amplifiers and CD player and I advise you to not believe that anyone else can tell you what is absolutely best for your application and tastes. I was astounded at both how much difference the af... 
harmonic technoliges interconnects/cable
I have extensive experience w/pro silway mmkII and found it to be a very good value. It exhibited a nice soundstage, smooth midrange and highs, and decent low frequency response. It can sound a little lackluster or muted in some applications, so b... 
Classe or Bryston?
The answer here becomes an issue of what you are looking for. If your objective is for optimum home theater performance the Bryston will wow you and your friends-it is impressive in its ability to create a large enveloping soundstage-but it cannot...