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Hi Fi Car Audio
The Eclipse products from Fujitsu Ten are probably the best car audio products in the world (both sonically and build quality)! Look under Fujitsu Ten on the web and you'll be able to link up with the Eclipse products. This is audiophile for the c... 
I would recommend trying 3 Tophat tube dampers from Rightway Audio on the three 6922s in this piece. Not a particularly cheap tweek (about $150), but you'll smile when you hear this unit after installation. MusicDirect of Chicago, IL sells these. 
Mapleshade Recordings
Buy them all! They are works of sonic art. 
Best female vocals on CD
Try Carla Lother on the Chesky label. Beautiful alto/soprano voice with nice musical arrangements. 
Amp suggestions for Audio Research LS-16
Try the Discovery Signature balanced cables for your system. They are most neutral and musical. 
Audio Research a good match?
If I remember correctly, Stereophile had a blurb about the VT-100 mkII in comparison to the VT-200 amp. Check the Stereophile website to find out which issue it was reviewed in. I know from auditioning that the VT-100 mkII is a very fine amplifier... 
Digital Coaxial Cable 75 ohms choices
I run a $4300 digital transport and DAC front end and ya know, I use the $50/meter Canare Digiflex Gold I 75 ohm coax between the two with not a smidgen of a want to change cables. So there you have it, a cheap cable that rivals and matches many e...