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car speakers?
Agree with JL Audio subs! For mids and tweets would highly recommend Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten. 
vpi phono cables
And Discovery cables are good cables. 
OK Come Clean, whats in your closet ?
About 10 stock power cords, 6m Discovery Signature RCA IC pair, 6 ft. pair of Discovery Signature speaker cables, Canare 1 meter Digiflex Goldi digital cable. That's it. Pretty clean. 
To DAC or not to DAC
Agree with all above. I think your questions are fully answered. 
Best headphones you've ever heard/used
Agree w/Wstritt re: Etymotic Research in-ear phones. They cancel noise while sounding quite good for such a small transducer. Check out their Website.For home use I like the Sennheiser HD-650 circumaural headphones. Detailed, yet smooth and musica... 
Poor man's reference DAC
Muse Model 192, IMO is a reference level DAC. However, it may be difficult to find one. 
Upgrading speakers...Legacy Focus 20/20???
Warrenh has a great suggestion in buying used; however, if it were me, I would want to personally examine them for flaws, dings, etc. Open them up to check innards and then, of course, listen to them until I was satisfied one way or the other. I w... 
Thiel 7.2 or Revel Studios
Revel Studios are more musical to my ears. Thiel has always been a bit grating on my ears. FWIW. 
Got my very first system. What's my next move?
Help me decide: Best 5 channel AMP for me
Sorry, didn't read your price limit. Scratch my recommendation. 
Help me decide: Best 5 channel AMP for me
Look at the Ayre V-6. 
Maggie's and cats
Yeah, get rid of the cats! 
TV's... what does the typical audiophile have?
Just a 27" Mitsubishi w/black diamond tube. You can tell that my priority is on music and certainly not video. 
need comments on my system
Agree with Celtic66 re: Counterpoint gear. Bright sounding to my ears too. 
Anyone tried running PS Audio P-300 with no fan ?
Yes. I still own one of the original P300s with original Arrow Hart orange color duplex outlets. However, it shuts down when I connect my 100 w/ch power amp along with the preamp, transport and DAC. Appears to work only with low power draw front-e...