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Which CD side to touch the plastic sleeve?
Always use jewel cases for best protection against disc damage! Forget the convenience of those nasty plastic protectors! 
Help using Caig cleaning products
Use each in the order they suggest (i.e. clean contacts first, then lube and preserve and protect). The key is to use each product SPARINGLY. The less product used the better. 
Speaker Grills??
My grills still have the protective covering on them when my speakers were shipped! Grills off! 
Should i buy a cassette based on lab test's?
You should find out what brand of cassette tape your deck was biased (fine-tuned) with. This should be your tape of choice as its parameters have been "maximized" with your deck. Of course, however, if you have a bias fine adjust capablility on yo... 
Electrical Safety Tip
Nice refreshing and illuminating (pun intended) post. Thanks for the reminder. 
Long XLR interconnect recommendations needed
I have a pair of shielded 6 meter Discovery Signature ICs that you can purchase. They are a bit smoother on top like you are looking for. You will have to solder on XLR connectors. Let me know if you are interested. 
Any superb balanced dacs up to $2,500 used??
Muse Model Two Plus, Model Two Ninety Six, or Model One Ninety Two. All fully balanced DACs. 
Selecting audio components
Agree with Kthomas re: Muse digital gear. Very natural and musical sounding without the etch of other "hi-fi" digital pieces. 
How to
Buy a new DAC! For $500-$600 you can get a much better DAC than that "lousy" MSB :), such as a Muse Model Two Plus or a Theta DS Pro IIIa. 
What early 70's rock bands had violins?
Joeabrams:How could I forget Kansas, especially, "Dust in the Wind?!"Can you believe it was my high school Junior Prom theme song. . .I didn't vote for it! 
What early 70's rock bands had violins?
How 'bout ELP when they toured with an orchestra during their "Works" years. 
Epiphany Speakers?? Do they produce one..........
Good one Slappy! 
Your Favorite Top 10 tuners all time
IMO, you should add the Fanfare FT-1A. 
What does
16 bit, 44.1kHz Compact disc standard. 
benefit of Higher power over Lower power Amp ?
Musical dynamics.