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Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Bcos17:I am using a Shunyata Research Anaconda Alpha power cord with excellent results. They are not cheap even used for around $1150, but the results are worth the price IMO. 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Follow-up: Wsifu, I too, am using cryo'd Tung Sols that Dan provided me with the purchase of his RMAF show preamp. A very fine tube for a very fine preamp indeed! 
Bang For Your Buck Best Value CD Transport
A Muse Model Five or Eight. Not many available used lately on the Gon, but nicely built (except for the clunky drawer sound)and sounding transports. 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
I have had for quite some time now a Muse Model One Ninety Two as my reference DAC connected to a Muse Model Eight transport via BNC and can say that I haven't had the urge to search for anything new since. If forced to categorize this DAC into on... 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
I, too, met Dan Wright personally at the 2005 RMAF in Denver. What a personable, enthusiastic, talented, yet humble person. I spent most of my time during this event in Dan's room listening to music because it sounded BETTER than most vendor's sys... 
The best test CD ?
The music CD(s) you enjoy and listen to most. 
Toslink Survey / Please Participate
The only Toslink I have ever used is the Kimber. All I can say is that it worked o.k. 
P300 power plant and ultimate outlet routing
I would plug the P300 into the second duplex on the Ultimate Outlet. I have all my Power Plants plugged into an UO. 
CD player for under $2,000
Muse Model Nine Signature. 
Tube preamp, Leave On Always or ON/OFF?
If you have the dough to replace tubes often, then leave it ON; otherwise leave it OFF when not in use. 
Recommendations for banana plugs
Cardas bananas. 
Seeking $15,000.00 speaker to replace Quad 988's
Look at the Von Schweikert line of speakers. 
What Music Takes You There?
Willy Porter: "High Wire Live." 
I need info on the H2O amps.
You'll need plenty of juice to power the steam boiler to run the H20 amp. . .couldn't resist:) 
Can Rock-N-Roll have great sound quality?
Sure, why not?