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Denon DL-160 v. Grado Gold cartridge??
Another option is the KAB Stanton 681EEE mk3..Sweet and very nice for the price...Around $150...........I have tried the Grado Gold, but like the Stanton 681 better... 
New-prod high-compliance carts for SME 3009
As mentioned above Kevin @ Kab has the Stanton 681EEE mk3..Its very inexpensive,but it plays above its pricerange.. 
how do you determine anti-skate settings?
What I would try is to keep backing the skate level off until the needle just starts to skip and sounds like it isn't playing right..That tells you the A/Skate is too low..Then just add back a very small amount at a time..Once it sounds great don'... 
New-prod high-compliance carts for SME 3009
I realize the Stanton 681EEE is not a "High end" Cartridge but recently picked up a nice Thorens TD 124 ( mk1 ) and it came with a Stanton 681EE and I am extremely pleased with the Match with the SME series2 arm...I am thinking about one of the Gr... 
How long do you wait for a check to clear
It does take 6-8 Business days 
12ax7 tubes can be enterchanged with xxx tubes?
You may want to try the RCA 5751 3 mica Black plate...Sweet with good bass...Its all a crapshoot,but the RCA's are a nice sweet 5751 tube......... 
Best Phono solid state under 2K?
JLTI awesome piece 
Empire 298 Questions
I think you will find many others would love to take that off your hands...Great table..Just needs some TLC 
How to use magic eraser to clean stylus?
I cut a piece of the Magic Eraser about 1-1/2" long and just place it next to my turntable platter ( actually sits on deck surface ) and with the arm raised ( with lifting device ) I bring the arm over the Magic Eraser and move the arm lift to the... 
Speakers that excel at depth/layering/space
Masseto break-in time
Send it to me..I will break it in for you..Break in is about 5 Years !!!!! 
B&W 802 Matrix Series 1 Sound
I would at least go to the Series 3 802 or series 3 801..Bigger jump in performance,,,,,,,,......... 
intermittent static out of one channel?
If your using tubes,try swapping left and right channel tubes and see if the problem shifts side..If so you need a new tube ( or tubes ) ........ 
The Thorens 124
Hi Paul : The Thorens TD 124 looks awesome..I am trying to save some $$$ to do the same thing..Love to have yours! 
What's the objection to Floor Standing Speakers?
This maybe a stupid answer..but there is something really magical about good quality simple 2 way Bookshelf/Monitors..With only two drivers,they seem to get things more right than many complex speakers with multi drivers..I know these simple monit...