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Trust Schiit Loki
I have recently used the Loki to cool off a Klipsch KG4 just a touch. Also has worked great for a rocker type speaker - Cerwin Vega LS-12 where the tweeter is way too forward, little bit off at 2k and a bigger cut at 8k. Bam now the CV is doing wh... 
Best Tube/SS Amps for Harbeth 7ES-3
SS - Luxman 505uTube - Rogue cronus Magnum IIimo the Harbeths wake up and sound amazing with these 100 W amps. 
Rogue Cronus Magnum ll with Harbeth 7 speakers
8 ohm preferred 
Help Needed - Music Only System
I use a Macbook (itunes - apple lossless) through a PS Audio DL III directly into some Active Dynaudio BM5A speakers (XLR balanced). Absolutely amazing match up. Volume is controlled within the iTunes and it has worked excellent so far. 
active or passive preamp for active speakers
the measured input resistance (DC) for the Dynaudio BM5A was 100Kohms. 
active or passive preamp for active speakers
I'm in the same boat. I have a pair of active Dynaudio BM5a monitors that I use for Home Audio. I've tried several active pres it seems to affect the signal in a negative way (less clear, thinner, hazy). Using a Digital Link III balanced straight ... 
Vandersteen 2CE Sig II New vs. the older 2CE SigII
Agree the older 2CE Sig II olds are great IMO. I have some Quicksilver 70s and though they are not a perfect match (70s drive more efficient loads better) they are still amazing in the right room. 
Pre/Amp/Int for Vandersteen 2ce Sig II for +/-$3k
Im using a Quicksilver Linestage (2010 Version) and Quicksilver Silver 70s Monoblocks with Vandersteen 2CE sig IIs. Not ideal since the Silver 70s I dont think were meant to drive difficult loads but its sounds pretty good to me. Good bottom end, ... 
Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk MC/MM Phono
FYI the input capacitance of the Nighthawk is 220pF 
AT440mla, ortofon 2m red, or JICO SAS tip for mx97
M97xE with the SAS 
Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk MC/MM Phono
same here"My Nighthawk mates very well with my DV-20XL. " 
Quicksilver V4 or Silver 88 advice needed.....
IMO I think the GL KT88s sound really good in the Silver 70s and V4. I have compared to EH and Chinese labeled KT88 tubes and I chose the GL KT88s. Just my two cents.Theron 
Quicksilver V4 or Silver 88 advice needed.....
I have Gold Lion KT88 reissues and really like them in the 2 QS amps mentioned. BTW I think you can also use the KT90 in the Silver 88 if I am not mistaken... 
Quicksilver V4 or Silver 88 advice needed.....
Yes the 88 is probably powerful enough since I dont play at incredible loud levels. I live in a loft style apartment (neighbors above and below). The space is fairly large 25' high ceilings. The Vandies breath well in the room with proper placemen... 
Quicksilver V4 or Silver 88 advice needed.....
I meant to say 2.0 for the long run. :)Theron